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About UCN

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UCN is a well-renowned university college situated in northern Denmark. It specialises in education, research and knowledge within the fields of business, technology, health care and education/social education. 

As a key supplier in its region within its specialised fields, it has a close link with the surrounding industries and an approach to academics which is very practical and in touch with reality.

In extension, the university college has a keen focus on both impact and employability, and all academic programmes are designed with well-known and established professions in mind and are continuously updated in close cooperation with industry representatives.

The university also has one of Denmark's best entrepreneurial environments aiding students who wish to start their own business. 

As such, UCN's unique practical approach to learning as well as its significant cooperation with and impact on the region in which it is located provides for some interesting opportunities for both Danish and international students and graduates.

With more than 9,300 students enrolled in 2019, UCN is a popular study destination. Each year, the university college welcomes around 3,100 new students - and the number is continuously on the rise (and is quite significant considering the size of northern Denmark).

Approximately 950 of the students are international representing more than 40 different nationalities which makes for a very intercultural study atmosphere.  

  •  UCN offers various full degree programmes in English within the fields of business and technology: bachelor's degrees, academy profession degrees and correlating top-ups.
  •  UCN offers exchange programmes within all four areas of its expertise: health care and education/social education as well as business and technology.




1. To be a small fish in a big pond or a big fish in a small pond? At UCN you will get the benefits from both.
  • In our location in northern Denmark, we are a large and renowned university college with all the appertaining benefits of size when it comes to being up to date with both equipment and knowledge. 
  • Our layout is made up of multiple minor campuses across the city of Aalborg (and northern Jutland) meaning that regardless of our significant size, each campus will have 'a local vibe' with a friendly atmosphere and  the feeling that you know everybody. We generally also prioritise teaching minor teams and core classes in class rooms rather than giving long lectures in huge lecture halls. This makes more room for you to participate as a student and for getting one-on-one time with teachers for study advice.
  • Four of our campuses are located in Aalborg which is Denmark's fourth largest city and considered the regional capital of northern Denmark. As such you will be studying in or close to a vibrant urban city where you can enjoy all the offerings of a typical cosmopolitan life style with shopping, dining, concerts, festivals, sport events, etc. The city even has its own airport, making it easy to travel to and from.
  • When asked about Aalborg and northern Jutland, our international students generally emphasise that it is very picturesque, clean and friendly. The surrounding region of Northern Jutland is made up of primarily rural areas and minor villages, and because of Denmark's size it will feel like a matter of minutes before you escape the city noise and reach beautiful sandy beaches, forests and fields. It is also worth keeping in mind that though Aalborg is considered a large city in Denmark, it is still quite small compared to many other large cities in the world (which by far outranks Aalborg and even Denmark in population size). This makes the city and area safe and easy to navigate and become familiar with. Naturally, the size and location of Aalborg also affects its culture which is often perceived as warmer and friendlier than that of for instance the Copenhagen area (Denmark's capital). 
2. UCN is a key supplier in the northern region of Denmark within education, research and knowledge within our specialised fields. A close link with local businesses and organisations provides our students with some great advantages.
  • All of our programmes within the fields of business, technology, health care and education/social education are designed with well-known and established professions in mind, and we continuously develop and evaluate them in close cooperation with representatives from their respective industries. This enables us to keep up to date with current trends and needs and ensures that you as a UCN graduate will have the exact knowledge and skills that prospective employers are looking for.
  • Generally speaking, we have a keen focus on employability - also when it comes to our international students. If you are talented within your field and are looking to stay in Denmark or the region, our employability camp will dress you for success and provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in Denmark. For students who are particularly talented and hard-working within their field, UCN also has an available career mentoring programme which matches international students (mentees) with mentors from the local business community. This can be a great first step to getting a professional network and building a career after you graduate.
3. UCN's approach to learning is focused on independent thought and practical implementation, and we expect that you attend and participate actively in class as a full-time student.

Depending on where you are from, this may take a little while and effort to get used to, but the feedback from our international students show us that the learning approach is one of the things they grow to love the most:

  • In general, education in Denmark is known for its innovative approach to learning. What is more, UCN has its very own learning approach with an added focus on practical implementation. As a student at UCN, you will come to know it as Reflective Practice-Based Learning. This unique approach means that you will very rarely be presented with theoretical knowledge without also gaining an understanding of its practical day-to-day implications. You will be presented with real life situations and through the course of your studies, you will meet and collaborate with businesses and organisations on various projects. As a UCN graduate, you will therefore have greatly developed your analytical skills, your ability to form opinions and new ideas, your ability to find solutions to problems, and your ability to work both independently and in teams. All skills that prospective employers will be looking for in candidates.
  • All our programmes have a built-in internship in a business or organisation in Denmark or abroad. We have chosen to make the internship a compulsory part of your studies, because it is a great opportunity for you to grow professionally, to learn new things hands on and to put all your acquired academic knowledge from UCN into practice. During the internship, you will also experience being part of a professional workforce within your field, and it will give you invaluable insight into the workings of your industry and bring you a big step closer to your future work life.
  • UCN has a great passion for innovation and entrepreneurship and has one of Denmark's top entrepreneurial environments. If you are bubbling with business ideas and have the desire and drive to make those ideas come to life, you can apply to be part of our programme 'Next Step'. Here, you will receive professional advice and guidance from a dedicated and experienced business mentor and from UCN lecturers specialising in entrepreneurship. We will help you take the next steps, and the right steps, in making those start-up dreams a solid reality.
4. We understand that studying abroad is also about cultural experiences, personal development and having a good time.
  • UCN is a popular destination for those looking to study abroad. Each year, we accept approximately 400 new international students into our programmes - and we would love to welcome you too. In total, we have more than 1,300 international students of more than 50 different nationalities and this creates a very intercultural study atmosphere. This means a great opportunity for you to make friends from all over the world and develop just the intercultural and global mindset that prospective employers are looking for.
  • We know how much getting a good start to your new study life in a whole new country means. Therefore, we roll out the red carpet for all our new international students with a well-planned start-of-term-programme focusing on giving you exactly that: A good start. Student ambassadors, student tutors and UCN staff will welcome you to UCN, making sure that you are thoroughly introduced to your specific academic programme, to our student councillors and secretaries, to campus facilities and to your new home city. The student tutors will also give you their personal insights and practical tips on living, studying and working in Denmark. 
  • At UCN you will meet a dedicated team of student ambassadors whose sole purpose is to ensure that our international students have a great time with us. Throughout the academic year, the ambassadors arrange a series of fun, social and educational events. The list of activities is ever-expanding as students make new requests, but to name a few, you will be offered teambuilding and sports activities, picnics, movie nights, excursions around the city, and theme-based parties around Valentine’s and Halloween. We will all do our best to ensure that your time with us will be enjoyable, valuable and unforgettable.​​