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A digital market place that connects studies and real life

UCN Link is a quick and simple way to get in touch with students and staff at UCN for collaboration opportunities. They can help you solve a specific job at hand or provide a fresh pair of eyes to scrutinize the challenges that your business is having.

With 35 study programmes in business, pedagogy, healthcare and technology and more than 9,000 students, we are competent to collaborate on a wide range of tasks and projects. All you have to do is describe the problem or project and put it on UCN Link.

Submit a project proposal

In addition to uploading project descriptions, UCN Link also allows you to go on a digital search for students and staff who are currently looking for collaboration partners.  Someone just might be looking for a partner who happens to match your profile.

Why we want to collaborate

Our mission is to provide "Real life education". In short, all our study programmes must be in close contact with the labour market they are preparing their students for. That is why we continue to create and maintain close ties with businesses and institutions to incorporate current and contemporary issues and assignments into our study programmes.

This way, we are convinced that we can provide the best, most inspiring and realistic learning experience to our students. At the same time, our students and staff can contribute to bringing the latest theoretical and practical knowledge to use in real life situations.

This knowledge could mean a real difference to your business too. Collaboration with us could lead to your business getting:

  • More people to solve problems that might otherwise not have been dealt with
  • Solutions to specific problems using new tools and methods
  • A different perspective on routines or challenges
  • New knowledge practical as well as theoretical
  • Access to prospective employees

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Innovation Consultant

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