Information about COVID-19

UCN follows the recommendations issued by the Danish authorities that apply to all students, staff and guests

The political parties have entered an agreement on the reopening of Denmark.

This means that UCN will be able to gradually open physical access to campus after Easter.

At the same time, UCN will from April 6 2021 perform access control checks at all campuses to ensure that only students and staff with documentary evidence of a negative COVID test will be allowed physical access to campus. This measure will most likely remain in place until summer.

UCN is in a close dialogue with the authorities on the conditions that UCN must abide by to reopen.

If you are a student at UCN, you will receive information from your programme as soon as possible regarding study activities during the period.

Students who are in clinical education / internship must follow the instructions of the internship.

Keep yourself informed and updated!

During the current global COVID-19 outbreak, UCN follows the medical recommendations issued by the Danish Ministry of Health and the travel recommendations given by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affair. We recommend that everyone keep themselves informed and up to date about the current recommendations from the Danish Ministry of Health and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which can be found here:

UCN updates our guidelines and recommendations for COVID-19 in accordance with changes issued by the authorities. We kindly ask our guests to check this page at UCN’s site immediately before visiting our campuses.

Do you have questions?

If you have questions regarding UCN and our guidelines during the global COVID-19 outbreak, please speak to the UCN host for the event that you plan on attending.

You may also contact UCN’s task force for COVID-19 management at +45 72 69 13 55, or

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