International Office

The International Office can give you advice before you apply for admission as well as assist you during your whole study period

At the International Office you can get assistance and advice during your whole study period in cases where you need help for e.g.:

  • reading the electricity bill
  • getting internet at home
  • understanding letters written in Danish from the authorities
  • signing up for Danish courses
  • getting advice about job opportunities
  • reading contracts regarding housing and jobs

– all the issues that can be difficult when you are trying to get settled in a new country.


The International Office handles the admission procedure for each international study programme, so if you have questions about the admission requirements, enrolment, housing, languages etc. feel free to contact us.

International Ambassadors

UCN Ambassadors are supported by the International Office and they arranges a wide range of exiting events, tours, clubs (sport and art) and different internal and external marketing activities for primarily the international students. Follow the UCN Ambassadors on Facebook.

Work and study placements abroad

During your studies the International Office is also there for you if you want to do a study or work placement abroad. We can give advice and help with the process with the partners, contracts and the visa procedure, and we also have access to funding through Erasmus and other funds.

International Office

International Office

International office

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