23 - 25 November 2021

Let's think, create and act together


Once again UCN welcomes our international partners to our Virtual International Days.

International Days is an annually recurring event at UCN where we and our partners in- and outside Europe meet for some networking, knowledge sharing and discussions of best practices across study programmes and professions. We have decided to repeat last year's success and will be hosting our International Days online.

We cut the first turf on UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals in 2019, and the 17 SDGs remain an important agenda. Therefore, we will continue to focus on the Goals in order for us to think, create and act together with our partners from all over the world.


Think innovatively

Create initiatives

Act sustainably


That is why we are going to gather for the Virtual International Days. To find answers. Together.

You can read more about our strategic thoughts on creating and hosting International Days at UCN.

Why participate?

→ You can participate in the sessions you find relevant. 

→ You will meet colleagues from other higher education institutions. 

→ You will gain knowledge about how to incorporate the SDGs into different aspects of your institution.

→ You will be inspired on how to integrate the SDGs into your lectures.

Join the sessions you find interesting

We have created a variety of sessions for international coordinators, lecturers, researchers and international staff from all over the world. With studies and research to showcase some of the best practices and innovation within the educational institutions, this three-day programme is built to create knowledge and for networking.


Programme for 23 November

Programme for 23 November

09.00 - 11.00 

Opening remarks 

by Director of International Relations, Mette Østergaard Samuelsen. Direct link to this session.

From Global Goals to Learning Goals     

This session is for those who are keen on integrating the global goals into their lectures. You may ask yourself: How do I translate the global goals into learning activities that can help strengthen the students professional understanding, education, and understanding of sustainability? UCN lecturer Steffen Holme Helledie will guide you on the journey from global goals to learning goals. Direct link to this session

12.30 - 13.30 

Internationalisation for all and not the few 

The last few years, Internationalisation at Home (IaH) has gained a strong presence, and with COVID-19 the discussions have become increasingly stronger. Inclusion is not only a priority within the Erasmus+ programme but it is also a part of quality education (Goal no. 4). This session seeks to discuss IaH and will include a case from Arcada University of Applied Sciences. Direct link to this session

15.00 - 16.00 

Want to meet your future exchange students?  

Then participate in this session, where you can give a small presentation about your institution to possible exchange students. If you want to present to our students, please send us an email at international@ucn.dk before 1 November 2021. Please note we only have time for limited number of presenters so make sure you take up the opportunity. Direct link to this session.

Download the full programme.

Programme for 24 November

Programme for 24 November

​08.30 - 11.45 

Programme by UCN educational departments

UCN's degree programmes are creating their own sessions for partners and students within this time frame. You may receive a personal invite depending on what the sessions will feature. Some may only be for students whereas other sessions may be aimed at you, our international partners. 

12.30 - 13.30 

Book a UCN staff member 1:1

You can book a UCN staff member for 30 minutes to talk, share and network on your chosen topic. All you have to do is to email us at International@ucn.dk before 9 November 2021. And remember to check the list below so you can include your preferred topic:

  • Exchange possibilities in health, business, technology, social education and teacher education
  • Employability & retention activities
  • Erasmus+
  • Translations
  • MoveON
  • Communication

If you have another topic you would like to discuss, write us an email and we will do what we can to find a UCN staff member for you to meet and connect with.

14.00 - 15.30 

Room 1:

Blended Mobility - the new normal 

To ensure inclusion within the Erasmus+ programme, blended mobility may be the new normal when discussing the future of mobility. This session will discuss the new possibilities under Erasmus+ and will include cases from UCN's partners who will share how they plan to implement it. Here you will get the opportunity to learn more about Blended Intensive Programmes and Blended Mobility. Direct link to this session.

Room 2:

Cooperation partnerships

In the new Erasmus+ programme period, Strategic Partnerships has been replaced by Cooperation Partnerships. UCN's EU Fundraiser Kirsten Ejdum-Bøgh and Project Manager Aija Konisevska Azadi from North Denmark EU-Office will introduce Cooperation Partnerships and provide guidance to the programme. Different projects from UCN will be used as cases. Possibility for Q&As throughout the session. Direct link to this session.

Download the full programme.

Programme for 25 November

Programme for 25 November

08.30 - 11.45 

Programme by UCN educational departments

UCN's degree programmes are creating their own sessions for partners and students within this time frame. You may receive a personal invite depending on what the sessions will feature. Some may only be for students whereas other sessions may be aimed at you, our international partners.

08.30 - 09.30 

Global Goals: making the Sustainable Development Goals a reality

The Physiotherapy Program will host the session 'Global Goals: making the Sustainable Development Goals a reality'. Join us to learn about how physiotherapists can contribute as Assistant Professor Betina Ringby will present the latest developments and results of the UCN Physiotherapy initiatives to make SDGs a reality for physiotherapists. 

The session is open for students and staff. Direct link to the session

10.00 - 11.00 

Being a first timer with Erasmus+ Capacity Building project

Join this session if you want to learn more about Capacity Building which is part of the Erasmus+ programme. UCN's Midwifery programme received funding for the first time together with partners in Greece, Cambodia and Vietnam for the project SafeMa.

Head of the Midwifery Programme Githa Cajus will open the session by highlighting the strategic decision of joining a project like Erasmus+ Capacity Building. Afterwards, lecturer Marie Hald Thisted will share her experiences from her role within the project and perspectives she has gained. 

For those interested, you can stay after the 1-hour session and network with other participants. 

This session is for everyone who wants to learn about participating in a Capacity Building project. Direct link to this session

12.00 - 12.45 

Academic changes in UCN's full degree English-taught programmes

Especially relevant for UCN's Business and Technology partners.During this session, UCN's Director of International Relations will inform our partners about the academic changes to UCN's Business and Technology programmes from September 2022. Mette Østergaard Samuelsen will also talk about UCN's efforts to develop English modules and semesters. There will be time for Q&As for partners. Direct link to this session.

13.00 - 13.30 

Doing good while doing business (CANCELLED)

Join us live and meet some of our student entrepreneurs from our annual Entrepreneurship Market. During the livestream, you will meet three students and their products. Afterwards, our host will guide you through the market and the variety of products. All of the products on the market are related to one or more of the sustainable development goals. 

14.00 - 15.00 

Building the universities of the future

European Universities has been deemed the future for educational institutions across Europe. In the 2019 and 2020 calls, more than 40 alliances have been created. And in the new Erasmus+ programme, the European Universities initiative is expected to be fully rolled out. This session is for educational institutions who are interested in learning more about European Universities and the possibilities.
The presenter is to be announced in the coming weeks. Hopefully we will have a staff member joining from the European Commission. Direct link to this session.

Download the full programme.

How do I register?

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