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Our work with educational quality revolves around constant development and quality assurance in order to promote ongoing professional quality and relevance in the knowledge and learning we generate and deliver.

The UCN programmes must meet both external and internal quality demands and requirements, which can be perceived as the steps we have to take to reach the goal of high quality and relevance in our programmes. Therefore, these demands and requirements are the starting point for our quality assurance work. 

To make sure that we follow the right steps, we have developed a quality system that takes all demands and requirements into account. The system creates common ground for quality assurance across the organisation while creating a culture where quality assurance is integrated into our daily tasks. This also leads to everybody’s involvement — managers as well as teachers and students — in the assurance and development of study programme quality at UCN.

The quality assurance measures carried out at UCN are in accordance with the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area and represent an ongoing process of constant improvement of concepts, activities and methods for development and documentation of quality at UCN.

Quality Assurance System

Read about the quality assurance system that we use to ensure the accomplishment of training skilled graduates and generate knowledge through high-quality education.


Rie Nielsen

Head of Quality Office