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Internationalisation at UCN

UCN is a Danish higher education institution with an international outlook.

We make a determined effort to make our students, lecturers and staff, study programmes, and study and learning environments more international.

We offer students, staff, and partners exchange visits, study abroad opportunities, and internships abroad. We are also involved in other kinds of collaborative efforts through relevant EU programmes, international networks, and projects. Students at UCN have ample opportunity to acquire international competencies without travelling abroad. Our study programmes focus heavily on conveying intercultural and international understanding to our students, and UCN strives to provide all students with the opportunity to achieve an international outlook through their studies.

Internationalisation opportunities at home and abroad

An international outlook and knowledge from abroad increase the quality and relevance of the competencies achieved by our students and are beneficial to the labour market. UCN is constantly working to enhance the opportunities to either study or do an internship abroad as an integrated part of one of our study programmes. UCN manages a number of grant programmes that support students going abroad – for example Erasmus+, Nordplus and private foundations such as The Obel Family Foundation and LB Foreningen.

UCN also allows students to acquire an international outlook without going abroad. Our students can keep their feet on Danish soil and still achieve international and intercultural understanding through the curriculum, collaborative online learning opportunities, in the classroom, and by taking part in extracurricular activities.

Contact us

If you wish to learn more about internationalisation at UCN, please contact the International Office. If you are interested in visiting UCN, you can fill out a form to schedule your visit.