Digital exams

Here you can find guides for digital examinations at UCN.

Below, you can find the guide that is relevant to the exam type you will be attending. Be aware that digital oral examinations have two different ways of beginning.

New announcements regarding technical setup responsibility

Be aware of new announcements that UCN must follow: You are responsible for the technical setup of your own equipment during online tests.

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that his or her equipment allows examinations to be conducted online: For this reason, it is important that you do everything you can to ensure that the exam can be conducted without problems. 

It the exam cannot be conducted online for technical reasons owing to your equipment or your internet connection, this will count as one exam attempt. The examiner, and the external examiner, if any, will determine whether you have done everything it takes to ensure that your equipment is in working condition. Breakdowns that are not your responsibility, such as power cuts, network downtime in entire regions of the country etc. do not count as an exam attempt.

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Digital oral examinations without a meeting invitation

This guide applies for online exams where the examiner will call the student through Teams.

PLEASE NOTE! You will not receive a link for an online examination space; for that reason, Teams must be installed on your computer. Find the Teams app on and install it before the exam. Use your UCN e-mail to log in.

Digital oral examinations with a meeting invitation in Outlook

These guides apply to examinations that start out with a meeting invitation in Outlook that includes a link to an online examination space in Teams or Skype.

Digital on-site examinations

This guide applies for digital on-site examinations.

The guide describes the conditions and guidelines for conducting online on-site examinations, but it also lists a number of rules to follow before, during and after the exam.

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Exams and public access

The Exam Order states that oral and practical examinations are open to the public. This goes for examinations that require physical presence as well as online exams.

To live up to the requirements of the Exam Order, a student, or anyone else who would like to have access to an online exam, can approach the UCN Study Administration Office in due time, and the officers will help to establish independent digital access to the exam in question.

The listener is not allowed to sit in the same physical room as the examinee, but he or she is allowed to observe the exam from their own computer at a different location.

Group examinations where students take part simultaneously

The Exam Order does not state what students should do for online group examinations in which the students are examined at the same time. Consequently, it is up to the students to decide what works best.

There may be technical reasons, e.g. ensuring good audio quality, a good network connection etc., that have students sitting in each their room or at different locations, but there are no legal rules that prevent the students from sitting together. If you decide to sit together, there is also no rule in the Exam Order that states whether you should use one or multiple computers.

It remains the responsibility of the student(s) to use equipment that ensures proper conduct of the exam whether the students choose to participate in the exam together or from different locations and with one or more computers.