User guides

On this page you find guides for various IT services.

As a student in UCN you can access systems such as Canvas, Pointer, Office 365 – including Outlook Webmail and Calendar, OneDrive, OneNote, etc. These systems are to be used for all communication between you and UCN, but for private use you can also use e.g. Outlook Webmail.

However, please be aware that your access will be closed 30 days * after you have graduated – or interrupted your education. At the same time, your files, mails etc. that you may have stored therein are deleted. If you want to save this data, it is your own responsibility to create a backup of these before you stop.

* Some courses currently offer data to be stored for longer than 30 days. Contact the Service Centre HelpDesk if you want to know, if your data is stored for longer than 30 days.

New: Find our guides for digital examinations here.

Office 365

WiFi (wireless internet)


Network drives

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Guides to Mac (OSX)

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UCN SMS service numbers

At UCN we use the following phone numbers when we send out information to students:

  • 72698880
  • 72698881
  • 72698882
  • 72698883
  • 72698884
  • 72698885
  • 72698886
  • 72698887
  • 72698888
  • 72698889

If you receive a text message from one of these numbers, you can be certain that the number is real and that the information comes from UCN.