Reflective Practice-Based Learning

University College of Northern Denmark – UCN – is an education and knowledge institution that educates and qualifies students for a wide range of trades, businesses, and professions in an ever more rapidly changing society. We want our graduates to be ready to participate in and develop the labour market and society of the future. This requires a very particular approach to education.

Reflective Practice-based Learning (RPL) forms the base of UCN's study programmes as a shared understanding of learning and teaching. We believe that reflection bridges the gap between theory and practice. That’s why we at UCN continuously work to develop a pedagogical approach to teaching and learning that promotes reflection – thereby creating a high learning outcome.


Reflective Practice-based Learning is a common understanding of learning that unites everyone across functions and disciplines. RPL is strengthened, developed and integrated in our daily practice through e.g.:

  • Educational development in all areas
  • Research projects about RPL
  • Knowledge sharing and communication, e.g. conferences and seminars
  • Internal education and skills development

Want to know more?

In this White Paper, you can learn more about the theoretical approach to learning and the six pedagogical principles that promote Reflective Practice-Based Learning.


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