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As part of our quality assurance procedure, UCN prioritises compliance with the Danish transparency Act, which allows you to assess the programme quality and student satisfaction

As part of our quality assurance procedure, UCN prioritises compliance with the Danish transparency Act ’Lov om gennemsigtighed og åbenhed i uddannelsesinstitutioner (LBK nr. 771 af 10/06/2015)’.

In accordance with the Act, the following sections give an overview of key figures and other information that allows you to assess the quality of our University College and study programmes.

Student Satisfaction

Higher education institutions in Denmark are obliged by law to perform evaluations of the educational environment; that is the mental, physical and aesthetic study environment. At UCN, this evaluation takes place as part of the Student Satisfaction Survey, which includes results about UCN students’:

  • Satisfaction, programme outcomes and loyalty
  • Assessments of; programme management, teaching, the social- and physical environment, equipment and materials, and placements/internships
  • Assessments of; their own effort, image/relevance and usefulness of the degree, and examinations and tests

The Student Satisfaction Survey was developed by Ennova in collaboration with Danish university colleges and business academies. The survey results in two main reports along with individual reports on all of UCN’s programmes.

main reports of the UCN Student Satisfaction Surveys

If you need one or more of the individual reports for specific programmes, these may be obtained from UCN Quality Office.

Official figures of our programmes and courses

On the different pages for the programmes and courses delivered in English at UCN, you can find information about the objectives, curriculums, programme structures, grades etc. related to the individual programmes. 

If you follow the links below, you will find such information as well as the official figures of the different international programmes at UCN. You can also click here for a list of UCN programmes taught entirely in English or including specific courses delivered in English.

UCN Quality Office

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Head of Quality Office

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Anja Lyager Degn
Quality Consultant

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