About ucn.dk

Contact information and information about UCN's web editors

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Work vision

It is our vision that ucn.dk will:

  • Profile all UCN's activities through a common framework supported by a logical and consistent navigation structure and high-quality content
  • Profile the overall institution and at the same time make the characteristics of the different areas visible via collaboration between the central and decentralised editor organisation
  • Have focus on user friendliness and the ability of the users to find the information or service they require
  • Aim at a high degree of search engine optimisation
  • Develop together with UCN's other communications systems

For questions regarding or comments on the homepage, please contact UCN Kommunikation at ucnkom@ucn.dk.

UCN Kommunikation has the overall responsibility for development, construction and implementation as well as subsequent maintenance of ucn.dk. UCN Kommunikation collaborates with web editors from all of UCN.


Jonas Holdensen
Data Protection Officer

Tlf. 72 69 02 67