Privacy policy for UCN’s Facebook page

Gain an insight into how we collect and use your personal data from your use of UCN’s page on Facebook.  

1. UCN’s privacy policies in general

The purpose of University College of Northern Denmark's privacy policies is to explain how we collect, use and protect your personal data. The privacy policy also describes your possibilities of getting access to and rectifying that information. University College of Northern Denmark aims to protect your personal data, no matter where it is collected, transmitted or stored. 

2. Purpose for our use of personal data

When University College of Northern Denmark uses personal data on social media, we use it in the following ways:  

  • We process your data to respond to enquiries and posts that we receive from you with the purpose of answering your enquiry. 
  • We process your data when you have consented to letting us share it on social media in connection with our special deals and activities. 
  • We process your data using data collection mechanisms to use it in anonymised statistical analyses.  

3. Basis for the use of your personal data

The basis for our use of your personal data on social media will typically be your consent. Your consent could either be given through your enquiry to us on social media or by you consenting to let us publish data about you here. 

When we use personal data to target our content, we aim to perform the communicative tasks that we are set as a public institution in the best possible way. 

4. Types of personal data that we process

  • When we receive an enquiry from you, we process your name/username and the content of the enquiry. 
  • When we publish personal data, we only use the data that you have allowed us to share. This would typically be your name, interviews, photos, and videos. 
  • When you like one of UCN’s pages, you permit us to target you and your network with advertisements on the basis of your like of our page.  
  • When we target our content through advertisements or sponsored content, we segment the target group on the basis of gender, geography and interests using the information that each social media platform has on you. We only have access to your data in a pseudonymised form. This means that your data is protected to only allow the individual social media platforms to identify you.  

How each social medium otherwise processes your personal data is beyond UCN’s control and is solely a matter between you and the social medium.  

5. Responsibility for the content of enquiries

Each individual user is responsible for the content of their enquiries to us. Therefore, we recommend that you do not share data that you do not want to be published. Further, we reserve the right to remove offensive material or material that is either illegal or does not follow our guidelines, including posts and advertisements on our wall, comments on news, etc.

6. Collaborators and data processors

To be able to target our content better, we are assisted by an IT system called HubSpot. In particular, we use the system to manage contacts collected through lead-ads, i.e. advertisements in which we obtain your consent to contact you about a study programme or other things that you have shown an interest in on Facebook (and Instagram). 

The system is provided by our collaborator and data processor:  

John Patrick Kelleher, General Counsel 
25 First Street, Cambridge, MA 02492 U.S.A 

UCN has entered into a data processing agreement with HubSpot. 

HubSpot manages your personal data on a server in the USA and is Privacy Shield certified, meaning that it can vouch for the security of data transfers.  

7. Erasure

As a rule, we erase your data when we no longer need it. On social media, your enquiries and our published content will remain available for as long as the given social medium will allow.  

8. Your rights

According to the GDPR, you have certain rights relating to our processing of your data. You can read more about those rights at

Here you can also find the contact information for our Data Protection Officer in case you have any questions regarding your rights or the ways in which we process your data. 

9. How to contact us

You can contact us through social media, by e-mail, phone, e-Boks or post. If your enquiry concerns a specific study programme, please contact a student adviser or the study programme secretary for the relevant programme.  


Nanna Geraldine Victoria Eliasen

+45 72 69 08 94