Application for exchange on Health programmes

Application for incoming exchange students related to study programmes at UCN

You can find the courses and ECTS on the pages for the specific health programmes under Health and body.

If you have any questions about exchange you can contact one of the International Coordinators. Contact information can be found under Health Studies at UCN.

Application procedure

You need to apply via The MoveOn portal.

In order to login to your MoveON portal you firstly need to register. Once you have registered, you can login to your MoveON portal and begin the application process. Fill in an application for incoming students and attach your learning agreement to your application.

If you experience any problems with the MoveOn portal or the online application, please read this guide for incoming applicants (PDF). If the guide does not provide any solution, please contact us at If you have any questions about exchange you can contact us at

What are the semester deadlines?

Spring semester

Application deadline is October 1.

Fall semester

Application deadline is March 1.

Which documents are mandatory?
  • Application form
  • Learning agreement
  • Transcript of records including study activities
  • Motivational letter

You are expected to document that you have been tested for MRSA. Please contact if you have any questions.

Does my learning agreement need to be signed?

Yes. Your learning agreement must be approved and signed by your home university before you upload it in MoveOn. We will return the signed learning agreement when you have completed your exchange period.

International Coordinators

Erna Rosenlund Meyer
International Coordinator
+45 72 69 09 54
Helle Tvorup Andersen
International Coordinator
+45 72 69 09 79
Ulla Nielsby
International Coordinator
+45 72 69 12 48
Rikke Cathrine Bøgeskov Rasmussen
International Coordinator
+45 72 69 10 61
Tanja Chræmmer
International Coordinator
+45 72 69 10 83
Inge Lange
International Coordinator
Occupational Therapy
+45 72 69 09 29
Michael Ehrnberg Fravn
International Coordinator
+45 72 69 10 37