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Read about potential job positions when graduating from the Architectural Technology and Construction Management programme

The Architectural Technology and Construction Management programme will give you a good starting point for working on different levels in businesses and organisations, the construction industry or in relation to it, depending on your own ambition and talent.

Your primary role will often be to ensure cooperation and communication between architects and engineers in order for the construction process to proceed as planned. Through your education you will most likely have acquired some idea of what you would like to work with, where you want to work, and the demands that the industry has for future employees.

By the time you are ready for your final exam, you may already have a job waiting for you or at the least you will have made some contacts from your work placement or projects that you have done in cooperation with businesses in the industry.

Now it is time to use your contacts in order to position yourself for possible job openings. You will probably find your future job in one of the following types of companies:

  • Architectural company
  • Engineering company
  • Entrepreneurial company
  • Insurance company
  • Government agency
  • Building services company

During your studies you are always welcome to ask for a talk with the student advisor if you need advice on how to approach companies in regard to projects, work placements or jobs. After you graduate UCN offers you a range of services to help you write your resume, applications, update your LinkedIn profile etc.

A degree in Architectural Technology and Construction Management also gives you access to a range of Master’s degree at Aalborg University if you should be interested in continuing your studies. Read more about further education.

Career in Northern Denmark

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GRADUATE TALE - Project Manager, Jan Refsgaard Jepsen, Friis & Moltke

GRADUATE TALE - BIM Department Leader, Kenneth Højbjerg, COWI

GRADUATE TALE - Construction Manager, Brian Simonsen Fogh, NCC Construction


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