About the programme

The Automation Engineering programme is divided into four sub-elements

Compulsory element

The compulsory element covers an institutional curriculum and a joint, national curriculum.

The institutional curriculum covers subjects within:

  • Technical systems design 
  • Control and regulation technology 
  • Configuration and programming 
  • Communications technology and project development

The joint, national curriculum covers subjects within:

  • Design and construction of automated devices 
  • Integration of automated devices 
  • Systems design of automated process and production lines 
  • Business-related elements

Elective elements

The elective elements could cover subjects such as:

  • Databases
  • Robotics technology
  • Optimisation 
  • High-level programming 
  • Knowledge technology
  • Wireless technologies

Three month internship

The internship will take place in a company where you will have ample opportunity to put your achieved knowledge to use and try your strength on practise-based problems and solutions.

Final exam project

The final exam project is prepared as the completion of the study programme.


Teaching and lectures is a mix of regular class-based teaching, project work and solution of individual assignments.

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