Study environment

We believe that the social aspect is an important factor, which lets our students learn more

In the course of the study programme you, as a student, will feel how much the social aspect means to us in the teaching team.

We believe that the individual student learns much more if we all 'pull together'.''

It is important to us that the life we see in the classroom during tuition continues after the lecturer has left, and that the class continues their cooperation and knowledge sharing.

UCN supports a good social environment and is more than willing to contribute to realising good and relevant initiatives.

Apart from the traditional class tuition we go on company visits and study trips as often as possible.

The class can have companies visit them at the school as often as the class goes to visit the companies.

The teaching team appreciates if the initiatives are initiated by the students themselves, for the benefit of the students in the class as well as across the study programmes.

Read about the facilities at your campus

Read about the facilities available on campus and get acquainted with the Study Administration Office, the café, the bookshop and the library etc. You can also read about the academic and social study life across UCN.

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