Exchange students

Learn more about your possibilities of becoming an exchange student at UCN

At the Bachelor of Education programme we welcome international exchange students and we invite incoming exchange students to become part of our international learning environment and student life.

At the BA of Education program we offer a number of courses taught in English and we also offer incoming exchange students the possibility to do a teaching practice in a local partner school.

The study environments

The programmes are held in the international study environments rooted in the unique Danish educational and pedagogical traditions blended with modern lecture techniques: study groups, interdisciplinary project work, study visits/internship, individual planning and supervising. All UCN programmes pride themselves on highly innovative, creative and professional level in the use of technology and IT.

Students from a partner university

As an exchange student from a partner university, you are given a possibility to choose your personal programme according to your own preferences and studies in your home country. Please contact our international office for assistance in subject selection.

The ECTS credit system

ECTS is a credit system that has been developed to facilitate academic recognition and transparency within Socrates/ERASMUS. Mobile students therefore gain ECTS credits on completion of the exchange studies. Credits are only awarded when the student has satisfied all the requirements of the programme.

30 credits represent a full semester.

Erasmus+/exchange students

In order to study at UCN as an ERASMUS+ or regular exchange student (non-EU), you need to fill out a learning agreement. Afterwards, you have to apply via the MoveOn portal where you will upload the completed learning agreement.

For health students, please use our exchange application form for health programmes.

You can find the courses and ECTS at the website under the specific programme. Please note that it is not possible to mix courses from different semesters and different programmes. All students need to follow the full programme and obtain the 30 ECTS that the semester offers. Erasmus+/Exchange students also need to take the exams that are planned during the semester on the programme the student will follow at UCN (on the same conditions as full degree students).

You may only complete an application form if your home university has an agreement with UCN. If you are unsure, please consult the International Office of your home institution.

Application procedure

Firstly, you need to fill out a learning agreement. After completing the learning agreement, you can complete the application form via The MoveOn portal.

In order to login to your MoveON portal you firstly need to register. Once you have registered, you can login to your MoveON portal and begin the application process. Fill out an application for incoming students and attached your filled out learning agreement in your application.

If you experience any problems with the MoveOn portal or the online application, please contact us at

International coordinator

Anne Lassen Zakaria
International Coordinator
Bachelor of Education
+45 72 69 14 13