We continuously develop employability initiatives to give you a head start to your studies, life and career in Northern Denmark. See what we offer and the steps we recommend you to take to help you land your dream job.

Not sure if a career in Northern Denmark is for you? 
Let us show you 4 great reasons why it is worth considering! 

☑ Get off to a good start

UCN Employability CAMP

Getting off to a good start is important! Have the time of your life. Make new friends. And get dressed with an understanding of Danish culture and life style.

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☑ Do your internship in Denmark

All study programmes at UCN include a mandatory internship. Our experience shows us that it is a good idea to complete your internship at a Danish company. 

Here is why: 

- It may lead to a job opportunity within the same company. If not, your take aways will make you attractive to other Danish companies.

- You will most likely get good reccommendations from your colleagues and managers.

- Your Danish network will be significantly boosted.

- You will get Danish colleagues and learn how to co-work with Danes.

- You will crack the code of working in a Danish environment and learn "the unwritten rules" of Danish workplace culture.

- You will acquire skills such as proactiveness, critical thinking and efficiency which are appreciated by Danes.

- You will be exposed to hearing the Danish language in a professional context. And you will get the chance to practice it with Danes; improving your Danish skills significantly!

☑ Each year, we offer 35 dedicated students a spot in our Career Programme

The Danish Career Programme

Each year UCN International offers 35 dedicated students a spot in its Career Programme. The programme focuses on building a network and skills that Danish employers are looking for in international interns and employees.

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☑ Learn Danish during your studies

Most Danes are fluent in English and an increasing number of large companies in Denmark turn to English as corporate language – so why learn Danish? Because many companies do require Danish skills when hiring. It will therefore give you a lead both socially and professionally - even when the corporate language is English. 

You will do yourself a favor by learning Danish, as social encounters, small-talk, and lunch conversations are still carried out in Danish in most companies. Participating is considered a sign of integration, appreciation and thriving, and since social gatherings are highly prioritized by Danish professionals, you are guaranteed to make a good impression by joining in with a few Danish expressions. Be consistent and remember that you do not need to be perfect, as learning any new language is a process.

Make sure to sign up for Danish classes at your campus in the beginning of the semester. If you participated in the Employability CAMP, you are automatically enrolled in Danish classes for the rest of the semester.

☑ Consider a student job or doing volunteer work

If you are a student with extra time and energy, getting a student job in a Danish company or doing volunteer work in a sports club or non-profit organisation may give you some of the same benefits as an internship in Denmark. It will let you dive into Danish work culture and look good on your CV.

It is very common for both Danish and international students to work alongside their studies. Typically, international students who have just moved to Denmark start by working unskilled jobs within restaurants, delivery services and cleaning companies, but many find their way to a part-time study-relevant job, which is an excellent opportunity to get experience in their field of studies.

Volunteer work is also popular among international students, as it is a great way to gather experience and put school theory into practice while giving something back to the local community.

Often, volunteering comes with perks such as an extended local network and the opportunity to participate in events and situations that normally are not accessible to the public.

Whether you choose to go for a student job or volunteering, there is much you can do to boost your chances of getting a job in Danish companies and organisations.

9 boosters for Student Jobs and Volunteering:

1: Be active and get engaged in your local community – participation to cultural and sports organisations might lead you to your future job.
2: Understand your skills and competencies. You don’t need a lot of work experience in order to be able to contribute in one way or another. Think about activities that you have been successful with during high school and write down your unique abilities and skills. Clarifying your personal and professional competencies is the first step in your job search.
3: Translate and communicate your skills and competencies to companies in a way they can relate to. Be mindful when approaching companies and organisations and always refer to what you can do for them, instead of what you need from them.
4: Understand the values that matter for Danish companies and organisations and make sure to start practicing them. Punctuality, proactiveness, initiative, social skills and Danish language are only some of the aspects any Danish employer values.
5: Look for jobs related to your home country. Your mother tongue and cultural knowledge might be the key to your first student job.
6: Participate in extracurricular activities organised within the school. Career Fairs, Matchmaking events, Employability and Mentor Programmes are all organised to help you land your dream internship or job.
7: Network! Networking will get you far with your job hunt in Denmark, so do not be afraid to participate in different events and meet new people. And make sure to update your LinkedIn account.
8: Combine your physical job-search with online resources. You might want to try the door-to-door approach offering your help to e.g. restaurants or cafes. But you might also find your future job by checking our job portal
9: Keep your eyes and ears open, be proactive and curious and show commitment during class. Your teachers and additional staff are a great resource and might be able to help you, if they perceive you as reliable.


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