Danish Career Programme

Each year we offer 35 dedicated students a spot in our Danish Career Programme. The programme focuses on networking and on dressing participants with skills that Danish employers are looking for in international interns and employees. 

Runs each year in October through June.
35 spots for the most motivated students.

Examples of previous events within the programme:

☑ How to land a student job:
Researching the company and general tips

☑ Company visit:
Danish work culture from a Danish company’s perspective

☑ Company visit: Why do we hire internationals?

☑ Danish culture and labour market

☑ Competence clarification

☑ CV and cover letter writing

☑ Social events


We know that an internship in Denmark is a vital step towards a career in Northern Denmark. In order to prepare our international students and show them what it takes to land an internship in Denmark, UCN has launched the Danish Career Programme.


About the programme

The Danish Career programme consists of extracurricular events and workshops focused on the peculiarities of Danish work culture.

Participants will gain the opportunity to sharpen their professional profiles and learn what Danish companies look for in international employees. Thanks to company visits at various local Danish companies organized within the Danish Career Programme, participants will also boost their network significantly.

Participants will be awarded with an Employability Certificate to enrich their CV and make them more attractive to Danish employers!


Karoline Synkesen Rasmussen
International Consultant

+45 72 69 13 62
Tue Werner Mikkelsen
International Consultant

+45 72 69 13 05