Join UCN Employability CAMP and get off to a good start 

 Next CAMP: 16 – 27 August 2021

At UCN, we highly care about our students’ chances of becoming successful on the Danish labour market. Since the initiative was launched in 2018, more than 200 new, ambitious international students have had the time of their lives – therefore, we are repeating the success by launching UCN Employability CAMP 2021.

Why participate?


  • 98% of participants feel more prepared for their studies at UCN after the CAMP
  • 99% of participants feel more prepared to work in Denmark after the CAMP
  • 99% of participants have improved their insight into the Danish labour market
  • 100% would recommend the CAMP to new students


The CAMP is an intensive two-week course from 16-27 August 2021 with emphasis on:

  • Danish Language proficiency
  • Group work and insights into UCN’s Reflective Practice-Based Learning approach (RPL)
  • Insights into Danish work culture and business life through professional network
  • Danish cultural encounters through field trips and social activities

Check out #ucnec on Instagram to see what last year’s participants were up to!

Get a smoother transition to Denmark!

By participating in the UCN Employability CAMP, you will be better prepared for your studies at UCN and experience a smoother transition to Denmark. Gaining new friends and becoming a part of the international community at UCN will give you a head-start on your life in Aalborg.

Along with increasing your chances of becoming a successful student and to realize your full potential during and after your studies at UCN, the CAMP also gives you access to free Danish language courses.

What will you get out of participating?
  1. Intensive Danish Language course for beginners and access to free of charge Danish courses at UCN
  2. Insights and in-depth training into UCN’s unique learning approach Reflective Practice-Based Learning (RPL) incl. multicultural group work
  3. Insights into Danish work culture and business life through professional network
  4. Assistance with practical matters such as residence permit, CPR registration, bank account etc.
  5. Field Trips – experience the landscape and culture of Northern Denmark
  6. Social events on and off campus
  7. Lunch Monday through Friday
  8. Two get together dinners
  9. Certificate of Attendance at UCN Employability CAMP
  10. And so much more…
Programme and practical information

The CAMP will start on Monday, August 16 at 8:30 (CET) and is expected to finish around 3:30 PM (CET) most days during the week. However, social activities during late afternoon and evening hours can be expected, so remember to bring practical clothing.

When and where?

16-27 August at UCN, Hobrovej 85, 9000 Aalborg.


See the preliminary programme (PDF).


Housing during the UCN Employability CAMP is your own responsibility, however do not hesitate to address your questions to our housing contact at

Find a complete housing guide here

How to register

Register now
To reserve your space and confirm your interest in the CAMP, please proceed with paying € 170 and register here

Registration is on first-come, first-served basis due to a limited number of spaces available. The deadline for registering is Monday, 2 August 2021. 

Save your receipt
After you have clicked on ‘Buy/Purchase’ (in Danish: Køb), you will receive the receipt of payment. Please remember to save it.

Please note
It may take up to 5 working days for the bank to process your payment. Kindly note that the € 170 participation fee is binding, but will be refunded in case you are not admitted to a UCN study programme, or in case the development of the COVID-19 situation prevents you from moving to Denmark.

What did the participants say?

"I came to the Employability CAMP, because I wanted to have a great start to University. I wanted to make some friends, learn Danish and get to know Aalborg better.

I am really happy about my decision, and I will definitely recommend to join the Employability CAMP. Everybody should come to this camp! If you are a new student at UCN, this Employability CAMP is the first thing you need to do. Just sign in and go to the CAMP next year. From the first day, it was awesome. Every single activity here is just perfect. Every lecture and every presentation!"

Urté Urbonavicíúté
Design, Technology and Business

"It was a wonderful two-week period of time. We got to taste a lot of traditional Danish food, and we also went to visit different places in the Northern part of Denmark. We saw beautiful sceneries and wonderful places.

I would definitely recommend participating in the CAMP, because it's a really good way to make friendships before the start of term and to get to know your way around campus. It is a great way to make new friendships and explore Denmark."

Danka Brigitta Ördög
Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management


Karoline Synkesen Rasmussen
International Consultant

+45 72 69 13 62
Tue Werner Mikkelsen
International Consultant

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