The Northern Denmark Business landscape

Northern Denmark is working to attract and keep international talent like you, and with a degree from UCN, you will have a lot to offer this booming business region

Find out what makes Northern Denmark an interesting place to start a career, and see the many opportunities that our study programmes open up to.

Five characteristics that make Northern Denmark an interesting place to start a career!

1. It is booming. Looking at the regional capital alone (Aalborg), more than 1,000 new companies sprout up every year.

2. It is globally competitive, housing major international corporations with sought-after expertise in a wide range of areas.

3. It is seeing innovation and growth with various development areas backed by a number of cluster organisations.

Source: The City of Aalborg Welcome Guide

4. The 11 municipalities of Business Region North work together on numerous development projects and initiatives. They particularly aim to create development and growth within five focus areas: tourism, industrial development and job creation, qualified labour, infrastructure, and international collaboration. 

5. Business Region North works to attract and retain international talent! They know talented labour is a vital key to success, so naturally it is also a key initiative.


Source: The Business Region North website (Danish version)

Opportunities that our study programmes open up to

With a degree from UCN, you will have so many opportunities!


UCN works closely together with the industries in the region as we design and continuously update our study programmes.

Our objective is to make sure that, as a graduate from UCN, you will be equipped to meet current needs and tendencies so you can jump into employment just around the corner.


✅ The region houses major international corporations specialising in: energy, wind power, automation, health technology and intelligent logistics.

✅ Trade, sales, and export are significant sectors.

✅ Tourism and hospitality are focus areas of Business Region North and are forecasted to be top performers in the future.

✅ Digital infrastructure is seeing a lot of attention.

✅ Northern Denmark is very focused on green transition and sustainability and has been the leading Danish region in that area since 2012.

✅ The public sector is generally a major employer in Denmark and represents plenty of opportunity (e.g. health care, education and administrative governmental work).


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