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Learn about the subjects and ECTS credits on the Energy Technology programme

The Energy Technology programme is an AP degree that corresponds to a value of 120 ECTS credits. The programme comprises a compulsory element, an elective element, an internship and a final examination project.

The elective educational elements allow the student to delve into specific subject areas.

During the internship, theory is connected with business community practices and by way of the final examination project the student demonstrates his or her abilities to immerse him or herself in an assignment by solving an applied problem in close collaboration with the business community.

Programme structure

Subjects and modules are interwoven so that the students learn to apply all their skills and competences on a complex set of problems and not only on isolated single subject problems.

Incoming students therefore have to follow all activities of a semester, meaning they have to follow all 30 ECTS of one semester - students cannot be exempt from single subjects or mix subjects from different courses and different semesters.

Core competences for the programme

  • The energy of the building complex – 20 ECTS
  • Energy supply and conversion – 15 ECTS
  • Energy efficient process and production facilities – 13 ECTS
  • Business-related elements – 12 ECTS
1st semester
Building technology:
Thermal engineering, indoor climate systems, automation, control and regulation: 2 ECTS
Energy technology, traditional and new forms of energy: 4 ETCS
Energy analysis, energy consumption calculation: 5 ECTS
Project management: 4 ECTS
Study tools: 5 ECTS

Total: 30 ECTS
2nd semester
Thermal engineering, indoor climate systems, automation, control and regulation:
Planning and energy efficielt projecting: 5 ECTS
Innovation: 4 ECTS
Elective element: 15 ECTS

Total: 30 ECTS
3rd semester
Process facilities, data collection and energy technologic automation:
Energy-economic and environmental assessment methods: 5 ECTS
Business understanding: 5 ECTS
Elective element: 10 ECTS

Total: 30 ECTS
4th semester
Final project: 15 ECTS

Total: 30 ECTS


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