Test your theories in practice on the Export and Technology Management programme

On the 5th semester you will be able to test theory in practice during a one-semester internship. Here you will have ample opportunity to shape your education the way you want to.

The internship may take place in Denmark but part of all of your internship may also be spent abroad. Learn more about the international opportunities.

Internship story

Read UCN student Camilla Nanna Elkjær Poulsen's internship story:

Internship at Kuehne + Nagel, Luxembourg

Internship host

I’ve been employed as an operational intern within the Corporate Network and Supply Chain Engineering Team, Kuehne + Nagel, Luxembourg and have afterwards extended to write my bachelor thesis with them as well.

Kuehne + Nagel is a 3rd and 4th party logistics-service provider with locations world-wide.

Working tasks

I was quickly fully integrated in the team and their daily operations which concerns optimizing, re-designing and simulating supply chain networks.

Some of the core areas that I have worked with are strategy and business processes understanding, planning of transport and warehouse networks and using these factors for future cost and serviceability evaluations.

Throughout my internship I was given the opportunity to work with different IT-/planning tools as well as projects within all industry sectors: Consumer goods, Automotive, Industrial, Pharmaceuticals and so on.

Learning outcomes

I had high expectations in terms of learning, but I also knew that Kuehne + Nagel, being an employer of more than 63.000 people, would have high expectations of me.

It can be challenging to understand the ways and structure of a company that operates across departments globally, but it also comes with great opportunities.

It leads to an environment where self-development, innovation and decision-making are encouraged – an environment that is supported by a solid back-bone of skilled people, who will both challenge and support you. In other words, I have been working in an environment where my knowledge have been challenged and as a result have evolved greatly.

I’ve gradually built myself up from functioning as a support function for my team members as to running my own small projects in the end of my work placement.

Education and internship

The Export Bachelor puts a great focus on the balance between theory and practice and therefore it is an excellent opportunity to experience this balance yourself and learn how to align the two things.

The broadness of the education provides you a good understanding of different business areas, not only from a theoretical perspective, but from an operational perspective as well as the professors on the education brings with them valuable work life experience.

I have learned a lot throughout my education though all”generalized” theories or specific case studies with different challenges.

The actual learning curve starts to greatly evolve as soon as you are in an environment where you can use your knowledge on a daily basis, challenge it and revert it into something practical applicable depending on the business case.

Future goals and ambitions

My future goals are strongly inspired by my decision of doing my internship abroad and the type of company I have been employed with.

This period have inspired me to think bigger” and set high goals for myself and my future. I am highly attracted to working in an international environment with so many different people who all possess different skills, different methods and different cultures. This is the type of company I see myself working in.

Going abroad

If you have the opportunity to conduct an internship abroad, I can only say that it is really worth considering. It is a great professional opportunity as well as personal.

Being employed in an international company will teach you a lot and you will be provided with the opportunity to evolve and challenge yourself greatly.

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to develop an extensive network and potentially a new career direction.


Michael Rafn
Internship Coordinator

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Janni Østergaard Nielsen
International Coordinator

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