The bachelor’s degree programme in financial management and service covers banking, insurance, real estate, property management and auditing

Please note: This programme is only taught in Danish

As Bachelors of Financial Management and Service, students are ready to advise both private and corporate clients on different aspects of finance. In addition to solid professional knowledge of products and services, advisors in the financial sector must also possess empathy and understanding of other people – awareness of the needs and requirements of the client is highly important.

In the course of the programme, our students can specialise in banking, insurance, real estate, property management or financial management/auditing. The programme is closely related to practice and includes a five-month work placement/internship. Very often, the work placement will lay the groundwork for the first job as a graduate.

International coordinator

Janni Østergaard Nielsen
International Coordinator

+45 72 69 13 56

Erasmus and exchange students only

Internship abroad