Work placement

Get your practical knowledge expanded on a 13-week work placement on the Financial Management programme

As an important part of the programme, you will go on a 13-week work placement on the fourth semester.

The work placement is pivotal to the professional aim and the practise-based nature of the study programme and it contributes to the development of professional competencies.

The purpose of the work placement is to enable you to use the taught methodologies and tools in producing a specific, practical solution to a problem in a given financial institution either in Denmark or abroad.

Some objectives of the work placement

  • Collecting knowledge while performing tasks for the company
  • Gaining business competencies within the financial sector 
  • Connecting theory and practise within the specialisation 
  • Exhibiting the ability to present an array of different solutions in relation to practice 
  • Being able to chose between different solutions based on practical experience

The work placement may take place abroad or in Denmark. If you decide to go abroad, you can apply for different scholarships and UCN will guide you in the process. Learn more about your international opportunities.

Examples of tasks and assignments during the work placement

Depending on your specialisation, you can work on different tasks more or less independently – here are some examples that relate to the specialisation:

  • Client satisfaction survey 
  • Perspectives on advising on buying and selling of property
  • Revising the preparation of budgets 
  • Competition analysis 
  • Buying and selling property 
  • Company analysis 
  • Investment – portfolio theory


Nina Røhr Rimmer
Work Placement Coordinator

+45 72 69 14 29
Janni Østergaard Nielsen
International Coordinator

+45 72 69 13 56

Erasmus and exchange students only

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