FAQ about housing in Aalborg

Below you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions concerning housing in Aalborg.

What are my housing options in Aalborg?

The following long-term options are available: 

1. Acommodation for students: 

  • AKU-Aalborg, an organization appointing student apartments across the entire city to students only, on a waiting list basis. It is highly recommended that you apply for a student apartment on AKU-Aalborg, as their offer is very varied and extensive, as well as grants you Aalborg Municipality’s “Housing Guarantee”, if you have not received accommodation upon arrival to Aalborg. AKU-Aalborg rooms and apartments can only be rented by students, so living conditions, as well as rent are student-friendly. 
  • UC House, one small dormitory with common facilities providing student rooms for students only, on a first-come, first-served basis, however with a very limited offer. 

2. Private accommodation that doesn’t require you to be a student: 

  • boinord.dk, waiting list based, at local private organisations  across the entire city 
  • boligportal.dk, where private landlords rent their apartments out on a private basis. 

Short-term housing options are also available, regardless whether you are a student or not:

  • BBBB Hostel Aalborg (offering cheap rates through “Housing Guarantee” if signed up on AKU-Aalborg, without having received an apartment prior to arriving to Aalborg)
  • hotels
  • hostels
  • AirBnB 
  • HousingAnywhere
How do I apply to AKU-Aalborg?

You can apply to AKU-Aalborg here. Make sure to check out their Quick FAQ on the main page. 


How do I apply to UC House?

You can apply to UC House by sending an e-mail to kim@uchouse.dk and/or call to +45 61 81 22 18. 


What is the difference between dormitories and AKU-Aalborg apartments?

Dormitories typically have single rooms and shared facilities, such as common bathrooms and big common kitchens on each floor, while AKU-Aalborg apartments are equipped with own kitchen and bathroom. 

How big are AKU-Aalborg apartments?

AKU-Aalborg offers a wide range of apartments in many different areas of the city. They offer apartments contain-ing 1-3 and sometimes even 4 rooms. 

Which housing option from the above does UCN recommend?

UCN undoubtedly recommends that you apply to AKU-Aalborg, as their extensive offer makes it highest likely that you will be offered a place to live before study start, provided that you apply early. You will also be safe from scammers when choosing AKU-Aalborg, as well as pay student-friendly prices. 

Does it cost anything to apply for accommodation through AKU-Aalborg?

It is free to apply for accommodation and to be on the waiting-list at AKU-Aalborg, and you can also delete your application free of charge.

How long time does it take to get accommodation?

Time is dependent on where you are applying for accommodation, as well as many other factors. It may vary between 2 weeks to several months. 

Can I apply for accommodation together with another student?

Yes. Making a common application with another student on AKU-Aalborg will boost your chances of getting an apartment faster than when applying alone. 

How much do I need to pay when moving into an apartment?

You usually have to pay deposit (3 months’ rent), rent for the first month and sometimes also a prepaid month. However, this can vary from case to case. 

Are apartments furnished?

Apartments in Denmark are unfurnished as a rule. Private rooms and apartments rented through private landlords can be an exception. 

Where can I buy cheap furniture?

You can buy cheap furniture at furniture shops such as IKEA, but most students sell and buy used furni-tures very cheaply online, for example in diverse Facebook groups, such as “Aalborg Marked” etc. Second-hand shops also stock furnitures and are a cheap and popular option among students. 

Where can I stay if I didn’t find accommodation upon arrival?

You can stay at BBBB Hostel Aalborg using Housing Guarantee, but please bear in mind that you must book accommodation no later than the day before arrival.

How do I use Housing Guarantee at BBBB Hostel Aalborg?

You need to have an active application on AKU-Aalborg and fulfil some requirements – please read more about it here. You can book your stay at BBBB Hostel Aalborg here

Can I get my contract checked?

Yes, you can send your contract for check to housing@ucn.dk.


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