Health studies at UCN

Within health care, we offer five health care education programmes at bachelor level at UCN

University College of Northern Denmark (UCN) is located in the northern part of Denmark with campus sites in three cities: Aalborg, Hjørring and Thisted. In the North Denmark Region, we focus strongly on education and we strive to make UCN an attractive partner internationally.

Health care programmes

Within health care, we offer five health care education programmes at bachelor level at UCN:

Our bachelor degree programmes in health care have a high quality and throughout the programme our students benefit from the close collaboration between the five health care education programmes. Our education programmes have a high quality both theoretically and clinically.

We have a very close collaboration with clinical practice and industry. In clinical practice we collaborate with well-educated clinical counsellors. The quality of both the theoretical and clinical education is ensured through national accreditation standards and our constant focus on quality development and quality assurance.

Campus and facilities

Our campus sites are modern and include a mix of facilities for theoretical teaching, lectures, study rooms and specialist facilities for each education programme. We focus on constantly improving the study environment. We have a well-functioning library and an excellent canteen.

Facts about UCN

International coordinators

Rikke Cathrine Bøgeskov Rasmussen
International Coordinator
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International Coordinator
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International Coordinator
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International Coordinator
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For information about mobility possibilities under the Erasmus+ and Nordplus programmes

Inge Lange
International Coordinator
Occupational Therapy
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International Coordinator
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