Research and development

At UCN Health we develop many types of knowledge and ensure that our research is always related to public and private professions

The health education programmes at UCN collaborate on research and development with many external partners such as regional, national and international universities and organisations.

We focus on regionally embedded themes such as Sustainable Life, Sustainable Welfare and Sustainable Growth. Multiple types of investigations are applied within each research theme.

At UCN we have four institutional research programmes across all education programmes at UCN including the health professional programmes. The four programmes are:

Technologies Closely Connected to Citizens' Health

The broad scope of the programme is to investigate user-oriented care that involves the use of a range of different technologies to support health, care and rehabilitation. The programme Technologies Closely Connected to Citizens` Health is based on a bottom-up, interdisciplinary approach, striving to involve the end-users during the research process and determined to implement the results in clinical practice.

Vulnerable Citizens and Inequality in Education

This programme includes different research projects investigating how structural, economic and social inequality in society affect the possibilities for well being and quality of life among children, adolescents and students.

Educational Research and Professional Development

This programme looks at professional development and its underlying basis as well as the interrelationships between how instructors instruct and learners reap benefits from what they have learned. The emphasis is on the factors that increase the benefits from learning in a broad sense, within both physical as well as virtual instructional environments.

Sustainable growth

This programme is an interdisciplinary research programme with an emphasis on changes in society’s value production and the role of professionals in it. The research programme focuses on the valuerelated parameters of the growth, i.e. how social relations and values are converted into economic behaviour and create new markets and benefits. The program is organised around three thematic relationships: management problems, relations between public and private institutions, and creation of markets.

International coordinators

Erna Rosenlund Meyer
International Coordinator
Department of Physiotherapy
+45 72 69 09 54
Helle Tvorup Andersen
International Coordinator
+45 72 69 09 79

For information about mobility possibilities under the Erasmus+ and Nordplus programmes

Ina Koldkjær Sølling
International Coordinator
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Inge Lange
International Coordinator
Occupational Therapy
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Henrik Thomsen
International Coordinator
+45 72 69 10 30
Christina Theresa Egekvist
International Coordinator
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