Research and development

At UCN Health we develop many types of knowledge and ensure that our research is always related to public and private professions

The health education programmes at UCN collaborate on research and development with many external partners such as regional, national and international universities and organisations.

We focus on regionally embedded themes such as Sustainable Life, Sustainable Welfare and Sustainable Growth. Multiple types of investigations are applied within each research theme.

At UCN we have a number of institutional research programmes across all education programmes at UCN including the health professional programmes.

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International coordinators

Rikke Cathrine Bøgeskov Rasmussen
International Coordinator
+45 72 69 10 61
Ulla Nielsby
International Coordinator
+45 72 69 12 48
Priscila de Brito Silva
International Coordinator
+45 72 69 10 20
Helle Tvorup Andersen
International Coordinator
+45 72 69 09 79

For information about mobility possibilities under the Erasmus+ and Nordplus programmes

Inge Lange
International Coordinator
Occupational Therapy
+45 72 69 09 29
Michael Ehrnberg Fravn
International Coordinator
+45 72 69 10 37