About the programme

The programme is based on a number of core areas of study that together make up the study programme

The International Hospitality Management programme is a 1½-year full-time study programme worth 90 ECTS credits which comprises the following:

  • A common part featuring compulsory course units
  • An additional institutional course unit
  • An internship
  • A bachelor's degree project

The programme is based on a number of core areas of study that together make up the study programme.

Each core area of study features compulsory course units relating to that particular core area.

Learn more about the compulsory common course units below.

1st semester:

  • Economics
  • Management
  • Philosophy of science

2nd semester:

  • Cultural awareness and guest relations
  • Elective educational component
  • Strategy

3rd semester:

  • Internship
  • Bachelor’s degree project

Compulsory common course units

  • Organisation structures
  • Human resources/competency development
  • Leadership
  • Employment law
  • Philosophy of science
  • Strategic analysis
  • Strategy, concept and product development
  • Strategic implementation and management
  • The concept of culture and the hospitality industry
  • Guest and customer relations
  • Organisation culture
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Financial records and industry-specific key figures
  • Costs and cost-based pricing
  • Forecasting and revenue management
  • Budgets and budget control

Additional institutional course unit

  • Destination development and branding

Find detailed descriptions of the course units in the curriculum.

Teaching and learning activities and our learning approach

The teaching and learning activities for the International Hospitality Management programme are a combination of class lectures, group work and project work that provide a solid basis for interaction between you, your fellow students and lecturers.

As it is UCN's aim to provide real life education, our teaching and learning activities and assignments are orientated towards practice to give you practical competencies and enable you to translate theory into practical solutions.

We apply a learning approach called reflective practice-based learning, which, as the name indicates, is based on three fundamental elements:

  • reflection
  • practice
  • learning

You should be able to reflect on your own practice and be able to find new solutions. In practice you will learn to relate theoretical skills to the assignments you will be faced with in your future professional life. Teaching and learning activities are also practice-related to let you expand your knowledge and develop your professional skills and competencies.

We invite guest lecturers from the business community to make relevant contributions to lectures during the course of your studies.

Lectures are delivered in English, and suggested reading and learning materials will also be in English. If you wish to receive copies of reading lists from past semesters, you can send an e-mail to Student Advisor Lars Olsen: laol@ucn.dk

The International Hospitality Management programme is a full-time study programme averaging 43 hours per week, but like most other higher education programmes this does not mean that there are 43 hours of teaching activities per week.

When there are no teaching activities, you are responsible for your own learning. This means that the remaining time, students actively acquire knowledge by reading the suggested reading materials to meet the learning objectives of each individual course unit and by doing project work. Please refer to the Study Activity Model to learn more about the expected workload distribution over the semesters.

Period for scheduled activities

You should expect scheduled activities, such as lesson, workshops etc. in the time between 8.30 am and 5.10 pm.

AP, Bachelor’s and Top-up degrees

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