About the programme

On the IT Network and Electronics Technology programme, theory and practice are linked through project work in a contemporary lab environment

The lab environment contains a prototype workshop, measuring instruments, components and other material for prototype construction, development kits (microcontrollers, FPGA, DSP), patch panel with experimental networks and network components, server park etc.

For programming purposes, you will need a PC of your own.

We will supply free software during your studies. Among others, we have made agreements with Microsoft Academic Alliance, OrCad and Mathcad.

Instruction and work forms

On the IT Network and Electronics Technology programme we use a wide range of teaching methods that collectively support the learning goals described in the curriculum.

The main teaching methods are dialogue-based class instruction and group project work.

Our students also profit from study groups, independent study, individual assignments and projects, presentations for small groups and whole classes, interdisciplinary theme studies and many other study forms.

We always try to set (or help set) clear goals for all learning activities. 


Furthermore, we offer the different activities that may help promote individual learning: Extra programming, homework help and individual guidance and coaching.

In class, we focus on the working processes used within the field to support the development of professional skills and competencies.

Further information

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Student Advisor

Steffen Vutborg
Student Advisor

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