During the Marketing Management programme you will go on an 3-month internship in the 4th semester

The purpose of the internship

The purpose of the internship for this 2-year programme is to give you the opportunity to improve your study and business competences through specialisation and putting subjects related to the purpose of the programme into perspective.

Possible on-the-job tasks

You will be able to work on many different tasks during the internship. Some of those could be:

  • Performing market analyses – field or desk research 
  • Preparing market screenings of new markets 
  • Preparing stock/inventory analyses 
  • Creating customer records or client databases 
  • Following the daily routines of employees e.g. sellers, purchasers 
  • Participating in selecting suppliers 
  • Preparing competition analyses 
  • Preparing communication materials
  • Entering environmental data into records 
  • Preparing media plans and or marketing plans
  • Preparing company presentations 
  • Preparing /participating in fairs and exhibitions
  • Preparing communication plans 
  • Project organisation of quality management systems 

Internship and written assignments

In connection with your internship, you have to reflect on the impressions and experiences that you have had during the internship and put them into perspective.

Internships all over the world

Internships can take place in Denmark or abroad, either in Danish branches abroad or in purely non-Danish companies. For instance some of our students went to Vietnam to prepare market analyses for a large Danish company which had set up a branch there.

You can learn more about your international opportunities.


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Student Advisor

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International Coordinator
Business programmes
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