Curriculum and regulatory basis

You can find more information about the Multimedia Design and Communication programme in the curriculum

The programme is a full-time study of a prescribed length equivalent to 2 years’ full-time workload.

A full-time workload is the work of a full-time student during one academic year. A full-time workload equals 60 credits under the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS credits). Thus, this study programme equals a total of 120 ECTS.

The curriculum for the Multimedia Design and Communication programme comprises a national curriculum and an institution-specific curriculum.

The national curriculum applies to students of Multimedia Design and Communication in all of Denmark whereas the institutional curriculum only applies to UCN students.


for new students

New curriculum

Due to a new curriculum, some changes will be made to the content of the education. The new curriculum is expected to be finished in June 2018.

Examination regulations

Find more information about the programme in the examination regulations (PDF).

Law and regulatory basis

On you can find information, in Danish, about the regulatory basis for the programme. 

For instance you can find information about:

"Bekendtgørelse om erhvervsakademiuddannelser og professionsbacheloruddannelser" (known as the LEP-bekendtgørelsen)
The Danish Ministerial Order on academy profession programmes and professional bachelor's degree programmes 
”Bekendtgørelse om prøver og eksamen i erhvervsrettede uddannelser”
The Danish Ministerial Order on examinations in profession-oriented study programmes 
”Lov om erhvervsakademiuddannelser og professionsbacheloruddannelser”
The Danish Act on academy profession programmes and professional bachelor's degree programmes 
”Orientering om anvendelse af et gruppefremstillet produkt til en prøve”
Information about using a group-made product for an examination 
”Bekendtgørelse om karakterskala og anden bedømmelse ved uddannelser på Uddannelses- og Forskningsministeriets område (karakterbekendtgørelsen)"
Ministerial Order on the Grading Scale and Other Forms of Assessment of Study Programmes Offered under the Ministry of Higher Education and Science (the Grading Scale Order) 
”Bekendtgørelse om adgang til erhvervsakademiuddannelser og professionsbacheloruddannelser"
Ministerial Order on admission to academy profession degree programmes and professional bachelor's degree programmes (the Admission Order)

Ministerial orders in English

The following two Ministerial Orders have official English translations.

  • Ministerial Order on Academy Profession Programmes and Professional Bachelor Programmes
  • Ministerial Order on Examinations on Professionally Oriented Higher Education Programmes


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