Work placement

Work professionally on relevant problems within Multimedia Design and Communication and achieve practical knowledge through a work placement

Work placement

The 10 weeks work placement (15 ECTS) takes place in the 4th semester in Denmark or abroad. During the placement, you will work on professionally relevant problems and achieve knowledge of relevant functions of the profession. You will be affiliated with one or more private or public companies during the work placement.

The work placement can be structured in a flexible and differentiated way and may form the starting point of your final examination project.

You and the company will agree on the financial terms of the work placement.

In collaboration with the company and UCN you will determine the learning goals for the work placement with the below-mentioned purposes as a starting point.

The purpose of the work placement

For the student the purpose of the work placement is:

  • to gain an insight into the demands and expectations companies have to the knowledge, skills and work attitudes of an AP Graduate of Multimedia Design and Communication.
  • to experience daily life and the tasks of the profession over a long period, to work on development-oriented assignments in practise in accordance with his or her learning goals.
  • to try out - and reflect - on the knowledge and the practical skills gained on the Multimedia Design and Communication programme.
  • to gain experience with new working methods and tools for solving specific tasks.

Furthermore possibly

  • for the student to generate ideas for the final examination project and find a possible foundation for it.

During the work placement, you will be assigned a work placement supervisor from the study programme and a contact person/supervisor from the company.

Whether or not the individual learning goals have been achieved will be evaluated at the work placement exam.

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