Read about the admission requirements for the Multimedia Design and Communication programme at UCN

Start of term

The programme starts once a year in September.

Entry grade point average

Entry grade point average (2017): 8,2

Study places

Start of term September 2018: UCN offers 32 study places on the programme.

Allocation of study places

  • Quota 1: 50 %
  • Quota 2: 50 %

Admission requirements

You must meet one of the following admission requirements:

General upper secondary education

General upper secondary education with specific admission requirements:

  • Maths or business economics corresponding to Danish C-level or managerial economics B-level
  • English corresponding to Danish B-level.
A vocational education similar to one of these Danish vocational educations

No additional specific academic requirements.

Data and communications technology (knowledge of office-related IT-systems, telecommunications systems, photocopiers, and computer technology etc.).

Digital media technology (knowledge of screen graphics, sound and images, texts, graphics, using software for 3D designing etc.)

Film and TV-production (fundamental knowledge of TV production and filmmaking processes, planning and carrying out recordings, editing, post production etc.)

Photographer (knowledge of photography techniques and technology, lighting, motifs, retouching, developing, editing, adding efects, pricing, conversing with clients etc.)

Graphics technician (knowledge of planning and preparing graphic print jobs and printing materials, checking finished prints etc.).

Media graphics technician (knowledge of graphics and designing on the computer, planning, executing and quality assessment of graphics tasks, digital image processing, customer contact etc.)

Signmaker (knowledge of designing signs using computer software and by hand; colours, shapes and designs; typographies; restoration of old signs, etc.)

Technical designer (knowledge of computer aided drawing of buildings and industrial plants, materials properties, price calculation, drawing up technical documentation, sales presentation material, making blueprints etc.)

Admission requirements for applicants who hold an IB Diploma

To meet the entry requirements for UCN’s study programmes, you must hold a Diploma of the International Baccalaureate (i.e. you must have passed all your IB courses), and you must meet the specific entry requirements indicated below.

You must have minimum a total score of 24 IB points in order to apply for one of our English-taught programmes.


  • English, B level, standard level (SL)
  • Mathematical studies, standard level (SL)
Other vocational education corresponding to a Danish 3-year vocational education

Other vocational education corresponding to a Danish 3-year vocational education. In addition, you will need either business economics skills corresponding to Danish C-level or managerial economics skills corresponding to Danish B-level.

Passed qualifying course for application to Danish engineering programmes or similar

Passed qualifying course for application to Danish engineering programmes or similar from your home country.

Danish B and C level

The list below shows how many hours (60 minutes) of lessons Danish students need to reach various levels. These are also the levels that we require our international applicants to match.

Some programmes require a certain level in e.g. either math or business economics or managerial economics. Please note that in these cases you do not need to have received lessons in both subjects. Usually, a sufficient level of math will be enough for you to meet the requirements of the programme.


Subject: English
Level: B
Hours of instruction: 210


Subject: Math
Level: B
Hours of instruction: 250

Subject: Math
Level: C
Hours of instruction: 125


Subject: Physics
Level: C
Hours of instruction: 75

Business Economics

Subject: Business Economics
Level: B
Hours of instruction: 225

Subject: Business Economics
Level: C
Hours of instruction: 75

Managerial Economics

Subject: Managerial Economics
Level: B
Hours of instruction: 225

Subject: Managerial Economics
Level: C
Hours of instruction: 75

English language requirements

At UCN you are expected to participate actively in class discussions along with group works and projects. You must also be able to write academic papers and take written and oral exams. Therefore, you must have a high level of English proficiency. 

This means that you are expected to have English language qualifications comparable to the English B level from the Danish upper secondary school (gymnasium). 

Which English tests does UCN accept?

All applicants holding a foreign entrance examination and will apply for English taught programmes must document their English language qualifications with one of the below mentioned English tests. 


  • Overall score of minimum 6.5


  • A minimum score of 83
  • UCN’s TOEFL code is 7294

Cambridge ESOL examinations

  • Certificate in Advanced English (CAE): grade C, B or A
  • Certificate of Proficiency (CPE): grade C, B or A
  • First Certificate: grade B or A

Oxford Online Placement Test

  • Overall score of minimum 75 and also a minimum score of 75 in each subtest
  • Please note that this test is only valid if taken via a UCN partner organisation

Other CEFR-comparable English tests with a borderline score of B2/C1

  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to document this level from a CEFR-validated English language course
Please note that the result of your English test must not be more than two years old. You must upload your test result by 15 March at 12 (noon) GMT+1 at the latest.
Do all applicants have to submit an English test?

Applicants who are exempted from submitting an English test

  • Applicants holding a Nordic/Duborg/International Baccalaureate (from the IB diploma programme/European Baccalaureate)  
  • ”Native speakers” with an English taught qualifying exam (including applicants with a qualifying examination from
    • USA
    • Canada
    • Australia
    • New Zealand
    • Great Britain
    • Scotland
    • Ireland

Please note that applicants with a qualifying examination from all other countries (including African and Asian countries, where the exam has been taught in English) must submit a test.

Find your specific general admission requirements in list of foreign qualifications for entry to higher education in Denmark listed by country of graduation.

Selection criteria

In case we receive more applications than we have study places, we consider your professional, general, and special qualifications in addition to the admission requirements. We emphasize the following criteria (in non-prioritized order):

  • Your motivation letter
  • Professional work experience
  • Additional education (e.g. completed parts of vocational education, completed parts of higher education, or additional upper secondary level courses)
  • English language qualification

Only documented activities are assessed.

Professional experience must have a duration of minimum 3 months and should be characterized as full-time work, i.e. be equivalent to a minimum of 30 hours of work weekly to be included in the assessment. This requirement can be met by more employments that combined equals a minimum of 30 hours of employment weekly.

Further education must be full-time studies of minimum 3 months duration in order to be included in the assessment. Only 12 months of total activity can be considered in the assessment.


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International Consultant

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EU / EEA citizens

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International Consultant

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Non-EU / non-EEA citizens

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