Study environment

Everyday life is brimming with a multitude of international and Danish students and a pulse that generates energy and a special atmosphere

The Multimedia Design programme shares address with the other UCN technology-programmes in buildings with lots of room for ideas and creativity.

The buildings are divided into levels, which can be used for group work, reading and studying – or just hanging out.

The international programme attracts students from all over Europe.

Moving to a new city can be a tough and lonely experience, but since all assignments on Multimedia Design are solved in groups, you quickly get to know other students and find a ’safety zone’ within your class.

At the beginning of the programme your teachers will place you in groups – later on – when you are more familiar with your class mates, you’ll form groups yourselves.

Students at Multimedia Design have formed a “Creative Lab” with students from Graphic Design. Creative Lab arranges a number of sessions each semester, where students share their knowledge on particular subjects relevant to Multimedia Design with other students. These peer-to-peer sessions offer the opportunity to form relationships with students from all the Multimedia Design classes, across culture and semesters.

We have a tradition of a Friday Bar that opens on Fridays after 12 o'clock. The otherwise pulsating beat turns into a relaxed and social Friday-afternoon atmosphere that usually marks the beginning of an enjoyable weekend.

The school is in charge of theme events and parties during the year. 

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A quick tour of the Sofiendalsvej Campus


Dan Høegh
Student Advisor

+45 72 69 15 74
Magdalena Atanasova Mincheva
International Consultant

+45 72 69 13 52

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