Try out theories and methods hands-on during your internship

The Natural and Cultural Heritage Management programme includes an internship over the course of 20 consecutive weeks and which can be done either in Denmark or abroad.

The internship takes place in the fifth semester from July to January.

Learn more about the internship in the curriculum.

Main internship and employment areas in Denmark and abroad:

Nature and culture centres

These usually communicate nature experiences and local events of a cultural history nature.

The communication efforts often take place in groups, on planned trips or other kinds of events.

These are often local government institutions.

Examples of such institutions in Denmark are: Lille Vildmose, Rold Skov Nature and Cultural centre and National Park Thy.

Zoos etc.

Focusing on zoology, these are usually organisations that communicate about wildlife and act as tourist attractions with a wide range of events.

They are mostly self-governing institutions that receive different kinds of government subsidies.

Examples are the North Sea Science Park, Randers Regnskov Tropical Zoo and Givskud Zoo Zootopia.

Holiday centres

Stays and experiences are essential for the holiday resorts that target national as well as international tourists.

These can be non-profit, private limited companies.

Example: Skallerup Seaside Resort

Tourist information centres

Promotion of and communication about experiences in the local area is the focus of tourist information centres.

Their role is to help support existing events and they primarily function as information service providers.

These are usually run by local government, but may also be privately owned.

Examples are: Løkken Tourist Agency, Skagen Tourist Agency and Visit Denmark Stockholm

Museums and record offices

Centred around historical events or artefacts, museums and record offices are either state-owned, state-subsidized or self-governing.

They usually host events and guided tours and focus on communicating either in writing or using new media.

Art museums and similar institutions also belong in this category.

Examples are: Women’s Museum in Denmark, The Danish Emigration Archives and Aalborg Museum, including Lindholm Høje Burial Site and Museum.

Municipal administration offices

These have various focuses but usually a specific target group or theme intended to support a desired political aim such as culture and leisure time or planning and development.

Examples are: Brønderslev Municipality, Aalborg Municipality and Hjørring Municipality

Culture, event and sport

These are often self-governing institutions that organise different kinds of events.

These organisations often involve much coordination and communication work.

Examples of such organisations are: DGI, Arena Nord and Aalborg Congress and Culture Centre


Local-government cultural centres which arrange a number of events and talks besides lending different media to the public.

E.g. Hjørring Library and Trekanten Cultural Community Centre and Library

Advertising and Marketing

Independent businesses responsible for public relations for different products using conventional media or based on specific events.

Examples include 9000Lux and Nortlander Skitours


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