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Learn about the study environment at Natural and Cultural Heritage Management programme

Each year two classes commence studies at UCN's Natural and Cultural Heritage Management programme: one Danish-speaking class and one English-speaking class. The English-speaking class has students from international backgrounds as well as Danish students who are looking to get a more international profile.

The Natural and Cultural Heritage Management programme is still the smallest bachelor degree programme at the Hjørring campus in terms of volume and this provides an intimate and safe study environment that allows for collaboration and socialising with students from other classes and years of study start.


We emphasize strong collaboration between students and lecturers and that students collaborate and draw on each other's resources. This also affects the students' social life off campus.

From an academic point of view, we see this as a condition for developing innovative competencies. In addition to collaboration, the study programme features many and varying types of teaching and learning activities, spanning from conventional class lectures and workshops to excursions and field and project work.

The study environment is also characterised by the importance we place on collaboration with external partners such as Aalborg University, cultural institutions, nature organisations and tourism organisations.

Multi-disciplinary study environment

The Natural and Cultural Heritage Management programme is also part of a greater study environment with three other and larger bachelor degree programmes as well as a number of formal adult and continuing education programmes. This means that you will be part of a vibrant and dynamic study environment with many activities across study programmes. These may be common events such as common lectures, cultural events and even parties and the Friday Bar.

Furthermore, UCN in Hjørring has particularly good common facilities such as a library and a cafeteria, new workshops for different kinds of creative activities, a new gym, a swimming pool and exercise facilities.


Students have are many opportunities to influence the study environment within the study programme and across programmes. You can join the Study Programme Council, the Education Committee, event committees and much more. We emphasize that students, staff and management collaborate to develop a professional and pleasant study environment.

Help along the way

The Study Administration Office helps everyone in the programme with matters of e.g. admission, credit transfer, SU, exams and leave of absence, but each class of students is also associated with a contact lecturer who pays particular attention to the well-being of that class as well as each of its students. All students will also be assigned a lecturer as their academic supervisor for project work, internships and work related to the bachelor project.

We also offer advice and support if you are looking to do parts of your studies as a study placement or internship abroad. In cases of difficulties of a more private nature, you can talk to the Student Counsellors who have a department at UCN's campus in Hjørring.

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Lars Olsen
Student Advisor

+45 72 69 13 95
Maria Boel Klok Gudiksen
Study Coordinator - Hjørring

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