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Wondering what the future holds? Read about the opportunities the Natural and Cultural Heritage programme at UCN opens for

Natural and cultural heritage management spans many industries meaning that your future employer and work duties will depend on your efforts and on how you specialise in terms of your work placement, your assignments, your network etc. during your time as a student.

Possible job titles

There are numerous possible job titles which of course depend on your individual profile.

Your individual profile is a mix of:

  • Your subject knowledge, that is, the degree to which you master the knowledge acquired through studies.
  • Your work experience, including your work placement.
  • Your personal competencies.
  • Other experience and competencies.

Your future job title within the natural and cultural heritage industry could be e.g.:

  • Communicator
  • Museum worker and communicator
  • Project coordinator
  • Communications employee
  • Project worker
  • Culture communicator
  • Tourist guide
  • Family guide
  • Marketing manager
  • Self-employed

Possible employers:

Natural and Cultural Heritage is oriented toward public and private organisations, cultural institutions and businesses, e.g.:

  • Nature schools; nature, leisure and outdoor recreation organisations
  • Tourist agencies and tourism development companies
  • Cultural institutions and venues for the performing arts (theatres, concert halls etc.)
  • Event businesses
  • Sport businesses
  • Exhibition, congress and conference centres
  • Wildlife sanctuaries
  • Network organisations in the experience industry
  • Museums of art, natural history, and local and cultural history
  • Holiday centres, various kinds of rental businesses, hotels and restaurants
  • Attractions such as experience and amusement parks
  • Spas and other centres for health and wellness
  • Transportation/leisure companies (e.g. cruise lines) and travel agencies
  • Local government administration (culture, leisure and business) and publicly subsidized organisations
  • Wildlife refuges and nature reserves
  • Cultural institutions
  • Education centres
  • Zoos
  • Experience economy networks
  • Destination management organisations
  • Local, regional, national and international tourist organisations

Possible work duties:

  • Communications and dissemination
  • Project Management
  • Guest services
  • Marketing and branding
  • Business development
  • Concept development


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Student Advisor

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Study Coordinator - Hjørring

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