About the programme

The programme is a top-up programme that takes 1.5 years and is divided into three specialisations.

The Professional Bachelor's Degree Programme in Product Development and Integrative Technology is a top-up programme that takes 1.5 years (3 semesters) and which aims to give you the competencies in product and/or service development.

The programme is divided into three specialisations: Your choice of specialisation depends on your educational background, i.e. the AP degree that qualified you for studies in the professional bachelor's degree programme.

The programme builds on the subjects your studied in you AP degree programme and in addition it focuses on the study of:

  • Philosophy of science
  • Design
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability
  • Product development methods
  • Project control and management
  • Technology development
  • Environment

We emphasize that you work with the business-related issues that exist in the early stages of a product development cycle from idea to "0"/test series. In practice, some project teams will progress further than others in relation to the product development model.

This study programme is innovative in that it is the first and only study programme that focuses on the technical aspects of product development while also providing you with the competencies to actively integrate other subject specialisations into your work.

The Product Development and Integrative Technology Programme features:

Tested, well-structured teaching and learning programs that emphasize pedagogics.
Lecturers and supervisors that provide subject-specific help as well as support for personal development in relation to your education.
Additional learning resources for key action areas – including project collaboration.
A number of teaching and learning activities such as workshops, conventional class lectures and assignment work as well as periods dedicated to project work.
Projects carried out in collaboration with local business enterprises.
An experienced team of lecturers with a variety of disciplinary backgrounds.
The freedom for you to shape the course of your studies.

The three specialisations

The programme has three specialisations:

  • Product development / design and production
  • Installation, automation and energy
  • IT and electronics

The taught content of each specialisation builds on the skills and knowledge achieved in the qualifying AP degree programme. We aim for teaching and learning activities to take place in a way that allows students to follow some of the course units belonging to the other specialisations.

A typical week of teaching and learning activities will comprise cross-disciplinary lectures, discipline-specific lectures, cross-disciplinary project work and time set aside for independent study of disciplinary subjects. You will be assigned a process supervisor (cross-disciplinary) and a specialisation supervisor.

Internship abroad

During the course of the Professional Bachelor's Degree Programme in Product Development and Integrative Technology you will have the chance to go on an internship abroad.

The study programme has a number of contacts with Danish companies operating in Hong Kong; one of these might be your internship host. Learn more about your possibilities for an internship abroad.

Relevant experience projects

We continuously strive to find relevant projects for our students to gain experience from. These projects could be e.g. actual learning activities (U-CrAc) where you acquire knowledge, or they could be projects where you are an active contributor to the learning of others (Innovation camps) and where you get the opportunity to test your ability to manage and facilitate the projects that you and your fellow students are put in charge of.

We want this to be a process in which we work together to determine the desired development and outcome for the individual student.

Help us develop the study programme

The Professional Bachelor's Degree Programme in Product Development and Integrative Technology is still in the making, and now is your chance to give us your opinion, ideas and comments to make your mark on the future composition of this study programme.

All you need to do is e-mail Programme Director Jens Christian Hansen Kløve on jck@ucn.dk or call him on + 45 72 69 15 80.

Will I improve my disciplinary skills compared to when I graduated from my AP degree programme?

Yes and no! We will try to increase the discipline-specific skills you acquired during your AP degree studies, and which continue to function as the stepping stone to your current degree, but we will also provide you with new competencies aimed at making you a product developer.

To this end, the programme has 15 ECTS credits specifically for teaching and learning about subject knowledge issues.

However, we also emphasize the development of your product development competency, your project management skills and your philosophy of science knowledge, which is where most students feel that they progress in terms of subject knowledge. We intend your existing subject knowledge to be put to use in terms of developing solutions that comprise many disciplinary aspects. Learn more about the study programme in the curriculum.

AP, Bachelor’s and Top-up degrees

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Student Advisor

Jesper Frank Carstens
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+45 72 69 15 89