An academic and social study life across UCN

In addition to the events and offers at the specific study programmes, you have the opportunity to participate in a number of initiatives across the study programmes at UCN.

These activities could be: 

Student Academy – by and for students

The Student Academy creates the framework for knowledge sharing across UCN with competence development as the main objective. It is driven by and for students. Previous workshops, presentations and events have been SEO, Building Apps, Social Media Management in Practice, Google Adwords, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Presentation Technique among many others. Visit the Student Academy on Facebook 

Business Academy – Hobrovej Campus

Business Academy offers student, employees and the business community an opportunity to network and gain new knowledge about up-to-date subjects. This happens through workshops held by professional business people or teachers, specialized in specific areas. Previous themes has been Crowdfunding, Google and Social Media, Social Selling, LinkedIn as a Tool for Job Search, Body language – Strengthen your Impact at Job Interviews and Exams, Sales and Costumer Behavior, Meet entrepreneurs etc. Visit Business Academy on Facebook 

Courses about examination anxiety

The General Student Counselling offers presentations and practical courses about examination anxiety, stress and study techniques as a supplement to their guidance and coaching. Learn more about your opportunities at the study portal My UCN (applicable for current students).

UCN Link – let your knowledge come into play in the real world

UCN Link is a digital noticeboard and your opportunity to find private companies and public institutions, who want to co-operate with students from UCN on genuine problem areas. Thus, it is a tool that facilitates finding potential collaborators, who will allow you to let your knowledge come into play in the real world. Visit UCN Link at

Matchmaking and network events

Through events, you will have the opportunity to meet representatives from a number of companies and organisations. It is a chance to network, find an internship, a student job or maybe a company, who will co-operate on a project.

GEW – Global Entrepreneurship Week

In November, UCN takes part in the national entrepreneurship week, which aim is to develop the desire to innovate and inspire established companies to growth. At UCN’s addresses, you are invited to come and listen to exciting presentations from entrepreneurs and fiery souls. 

International Entrepreneurs – start your company by being part of the programme

International Entrepreneurs is the name of University College of Northern Denmark's (UCN) international incubator programme. The incubator programme is created with the purpose of offering unique international entrepreneurial talents the opportunity to join extra-curricular entrepreneurial activities to strengthen and develop their competences within entrepreneurship. Learn more about the International Entrepreneurs Programme at the study portal My UCN (applicable for current UCN students only).

Focus on physical and mental health

Hobrovej Campus and Sofiendalsvej Campus offer a number of health-promoting initiatives. Specifically, this means that you can participate in different activities related to the Danish Health and Medicines Authority’s five areas: Diet, Smoking, Alcohol, Exercise and Stress (KRAMS). Among other things, you can participate in the annual sport event SummerCup and the Health Week, sign up for our free smoking cessation course, buy healthy food in the cafés and get a discount on tickets for swimming baths, fitness subscriptions, physiotherapy, massage, zone therapy, coaching etc. Learn more on the study portal My UCN (applicable for current students).

Deals and discounts

As a student at UCN you are offered different deals and student discounts within the categories: 1) IT and programmes, 2) Fitness, treatments and mental health, 3) Courses, 4) Culture and leisure time. Learn more on the study portal My UCN (applicable for current students). 

Expat Host Programme

In co-operation with International House North Denmark, UCN offers an ”Expat Host Programme” in which international students are linked to mentors from Northern Jutland. As a participant you will have a unique opportunity to network, get guidance and feedback as well as develop your competencies with the aim of easing your access to the Danish labor market. Participation is free of charge, but it is required that you are committed to at least one meeting per month as you must participate in the entire process. Learn more about the Expat Host Programme or contact us via e-mail or phone (+45) 99 31 15 30.

Visiting Labour Unions

Continuously, representatives from a number of labour unions visit our addressess, which provides an opportunity to meet the consultants and get help and guidance.

UCN Student Community

UCN Student Community is relevant for you, if you are interested in volunteering at UCN Business and UCN Technology. At the annual event, UCN Volunteer EXPO, the different initiatives are united and presented, which provides you with the opportunity to gather information and learn more about your opportunities for voluntary work.

For instance, you can volunteer at:

UCN Ambassadors:
An international corps of ambassadors consisting of students from UCN. The ambassadors engage in various tasks with focus on helping and accommodating current and potential students in Denmark and abroad. The ambassadors are co-organizers of parties and other events such as workshops, seminars, movie nights, dinners, guided tours in Aalborg etc. Most activities are free of charge. 

UCN’s Tutor Team:
Many new students start their journey at UCN each year, and they must be ensured a great start to their new life as a student. One way to try to ensure this is the UCN Tutor Team. All tutors are well prepared to handle tasks such as “Start of term”, the tutor event, UCN SummerCup, UCN Study Start Event as well as other get-to-know-each-other- events.

Friday Bar:
The Friday Bars at UCN Business and UCN Technology are run by volunteers and contribute to the social community among students. Here several annual events are arranged such as UCN SummerCup, Party of the Year as well as the annual Halloween and Christmas parties – these are planned in cooperation with the UCN Ambassadors. The Friday Bars also organize smaller events and competitions throughout the year in the weekly Friday bars. Visit the Friday Bar Børsen - Hobrovej and Friday Bar Sofie´s at Sofiendalsvej at Facebook.

Study Life:
StudyLife is a non-profit organization run by students for students with the main purpose of gathering all relevant information about being a student in Aalborg. The organization promotes all study-related events, projects and partners. Visit StudyLife on Facebook

Student Advisor

Jesper Frank Carstens
Student Advisor

+45 72 69 15 89