Professional Identity and Ethics


February 6th - April 28th 2017

MODULE CONTENTS - Professional Identity and Ethics

Module, credit weight and language

International module with a work load of 15 ECTS. (10 ECTS Theoretical education + 5 ECTS Practice/Clinical education) The module language is English

Description of the module The Professional Identity and Ethics module introduces and discusses the challenges that professionals face in global society/in a global context. The study of professional identity and ethics will be situated in a Scandinavian context but will maintain a global outlook. Taking point of departure in moral philosophy the module will frame an examination of different perceptions on professional practice and conduct. This implies a focus on collaboration, management, professional obligations and dilemmas in interpersonal relations. In addition, the module will approach a closer understanding of sustainable development in a well-fare and a business perspective.

Theoretical scope of the module

  • Professional theory
  • Moral philosophy
  • Management theories
  • Learning theories
  • Communicational theories
  • Cultural theory and intercultural competence

Fields of competence incorporated in the module

  • Professional identity and ethics
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration/exchange

Competence aims comprised in the module

The student is able to respectfully participate in interdisciplinary collaboration / exchange acknowledging the responsibilities and competences integrated in his or her profession as well as that of others in relation to interdisciplinary problem solving/task performance.

Knowledge: The student has knowledge of... Skills: The student is able to...
the concept of professionalism, and its actualization in practice Act professionally in interpersonal relations
Categories of moral philosophy in connection to professional action Reflect on professional identity, on professionalism in practice and considerations associated with practice/profession
Different cultural backgrounds, perceptions of culture and professional cultures Operate in cultural diversity and interdisciplinary collaboration
Learning theories relevant to different professional contexts Reflect on own development and analyse the organizational structures in which the student participates
Concepts concerning education and citizenship Remain analytical in connection with his or her own professional practice
Communicative challenges/issues/concerns in an interdisciplinary context Take part in and navigate in professional practice
Research and developmental activities and their relevance for professional development Describe and conduct an academic examination of a selected clinical/practical issue of his/her own choice. Discuss research and developmental activities in relation to professional practice




















The module in practice

Part of the module will consist of visiting institutions, that engage professionals, including schools, health care and social institutions, and encounters with experience economic realities and cultural events. In addition, a study trip to a Scandinavian institution of higher education, as an opportunity of highlighting and elaborating on relevant professional issues.

Work forms in the course of the module (study activity model)

Category 1: Participation of lecturer and students. Initiated by lecturer ( 75 lessons/28 %):

Category 2: Participation of students. Initiated by lecturer ( 150 lessons/55 %):

Category 3: Participation of students. Initiated by students ( 45 lessons/15 %):

Category 4: Participation of lecturer and students. Initiated by students (5 lessons/2%):

  • Lectures and supervision
  • Preparation
  • Individual/independent work
  • Supervision
  • Excursions


Module evaluation/examination

Internal exam.

Criteria for qualifying the module

Preparation of an essay and a presentation. Compulsory attendance


Application for Professional Identity and Ethics at UCN


Submission of application form Deadline

September the 30th. 2017.

University College of Northern Denmark
Skolevangen 45
DK-9800 Hjørring

More information

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International Coordinator - Hjørring

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