The degree programme in radiography covers relevant imaging technology as well as patient contact

We accept exchange students for clinical placement in English. The full-degree programme is taught in Danish.

A radiographer specialises in medical imaging of the anatomy of the human body for the purpose of diagnosis and treatment of pathologies, or to assess whether a patient needs a certain type of treatment. Most radiographers work in the radiology departments of public hospitals but have also found employment in private healthcare, in diagnostic equipment manufacturing and sales.

In the course of the programme students learn to use an array of high-tech diagnostic modalities and work with digital imaging. They also learn to examine patients with a wide variety of pathologies.

The learning and teaching strategies in the Department of Radiography include lectures, discussions, case studies, seminars, exercises in the x-ray laboratory etc. About half of the degree programme is undertaken as clinical placement at public hospitals in the central and northern parts of the Jutland peninsula.


Michael Ehrnberg Fravn
International Coordinator
+45 72 69 10 37