You must choose between the three exiting specialisations

The Service Hospitality and Tourism Management programme features three electives, which are also referred to as specialisations since these will determine the specialisation profile you graduate with.

You can only choose one specialisation among the following three:

Hotel and restaurant management

This specialisation is for those who dream about working in different areas of the hotel, restaurant and conference industry and handling interesting duties such as servicing guests, sales, planning and organising, events, management and many others. We focus on educating graduates who are able to plan and take charge of duties related to the management of various departments; all based on current trends and innovative solutions.
Lecturer Pernille Nøhr Verwohlt
Learn more about the hotel and restaurant management specialisation

The future winners in the labour market will be those who decide to invest in a sustainable education which can be applied in many different industries and professions on every continent.

UCN offers you a unique chance to jump the global growth train of the hotel, conference and restaurant industry with a Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management education and a hotel and restaurant management specialisation in the bag. But don't let your title hold you back We are all-rounders and we believe that our profession has a lot to offer other industries just as we like to work with businesses and cases that can provide new development opportunities to our own line of business.

About you

You should possess the will to get ahead and strive for a career in the hotel, conference and restaurant industry.

We will provide you with the tools and inspiration to realize your ambition and achieve your goals. You will see how your education takes place in cooperation between you, your fellow students and the team of lecturers. This is why it is our expectation to you that you will commit to your studies and be an active and positive student. We also expect that we can count on you to be a player on our team.

About the study programme

Over the course of the 2 years of studying you will, among many other things, develop the ability to think and act innovatively and creatively while preparing for a career in a multi-ethnic industry booming in the global marketplace.

Development and change are the only constant factors in this world, and with this education you will be setting the agenda for tomorrow and defining the future – if you are determined to do so! With this in mind, we will be working on the conviction that you must learn to hit a constantly moving target.

We emphasize real life education and we focus on collaboration with players in the industry. So as early as six months into the programme, you will find that we arrange team days and invite industry business leaders and entrepreneurs to act as guest lecturers.

We also study practice-related business cases delivered to us by the very same guest lecturers. We also arrange field excursions to the local business with particular emphasis on restaurants, hotels and event companies. All of this is part of the common, compulsory part of your studies

It is important that you are ready to meet the professional community. So you should act and look professional and be respectful of the people who volunteer to offer input to your education.

About your future

After graduation you will be able to take on exciting, skill-building assignments in sales, guest services, innovation and concept development, event and conference planning and organisation, event facilitation and hosting, follow-up assignments, project coordination, optimisation processes, HRM and many others.

If you are planning to start your own business, you will be happy to know that we will also provide you with the required competencies and tools to set-up a business.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard!

Tourism management

Do you want to work in one of the world's largest and fastest-growing industries occupying one in eleven people on a global scale? And are you dreaming about putting together travel itineraries and exciting adventures for tourists or perhaps developing destinations and companies to attract more and happier guests? Then the tourism specialisation is just what you are looking for! We will teach you all about tourism psychology and behaviour to product and destination marketing and development. Lectures are supported by practice-related cases and projects with national or international tourism organisations and agencies.
Lecturer Lars Falk
Learn more about the tourism management specialisation

If you choose to specialise in tourism management you will learn about what drives and develops tourism in Denmark and internationally, and you will become skilled at creating experiences and adventures for others!

The past thirty years have proved tourism to be a worldwide phenomenon and a solid business surviving all major economic and political crises on a global scale. People want to travel, and in the twenty-first century more people will be travelling than ever before, hungry for new destinations and new adventures.

In reality, the tourism industry is one of the largest and fastest-growing industries on a worldwide scale. According to UN World Tourism Organisation, the number of travellers has increased from only 25 million international tourists in 1950 to 922 million in 2008. Forecasts point to further spectacular growth to up to a staggering 1.6 billion international tourists in 2020.

This means that companies in the tourism sector will be generating many direct and indirect jobs. It is estimated that tourism provides approximately 10% of world employment. Since people need to leave home to enjoy tourism experiences most jobs in the tourism industry are found on location at popular destinations. This means that your job is not at risk of being outsourced in the same way as jobs in e.g. the manufacturing industry.

The tourism industry includes all industrial and commercial activities that produce goods and services for tourism consumption. The places where you can apply the knowledge and skills you learnt during the tourism specialisation include, but are not limited to, travelling agencies, various public organisations (e.g. tourism information centres and local, regional and national tourism organisations), airlines and the cruise industry, entertainment and national parks, events and festivals. In other words, it's a world of opportunities!

Examples of duties:

  • Tourism operations (customer service, organising and planning itineraries in travelling agencies and the airline carrier industry)
  • Tourist attraction development, marketing and management (entertainment and amusement parks, events and festivals)
  • Destination marketing, organising and development (public tourism organisations at different levels)

The tourism industry is dominated on a global scale (and particularly in Denmark) by medium-sized, small and micro-enterprises. If you have the vision and drive that it takes to be a self-employed entrepreneur, this might just be the industry you are looking for.

The increasing number of people who chose to go abroad for leisure or business purposes (international leisure tourists and international business tourists) means that you could be the host and person responsible for guests from various cultures and nationalities. Immense markets for tourism, such as China, India and Russia, have been emerging and thriving in recent years.

The possibilities for growth and development of the industry are ample and the same goes for your career opportunities.

What to expect from your tourism management studies

You will be taught in the understanding of different types of tourism, tourism operation and the administration of tourism attractions. We focus on tourism experiences, global tourism trends (e.g. the use of digital solutions and social media), tourist destination organisation, marketing and development, economic processes of the tourism industry and tourist psychology and behaviour.

You can expect dynamic specialisation classes with lectures and interaction, case studies, company field trips and guest lecturers from the industry.

Sports and event management (the service specialisation)

The dynamic sports and event industry has undergone considerable growth and increased in professionalism and it is continually affected by new trends all of which make a job in this industry versatile, interesting and challenging. The industry offers a great variety of occupation possibilities. For instance, you can adapt your specialisation for jobs in professional sports, local government, event management businesses or recreational sports. Whether your focus is sponsor work experience economics in general, festival event planning work, professional sports club marketing or project management in a local government setting, this specialisation course attempts to provide the best conditions for future professional success. 
Lecturer Kenneth Holm Cortsen
Learn more about the sports and event management (service) specialisation

If you are determined to combine your passion for sports and events with a profound understanding of the business mechanisms behind the sports, event and leisure industry, an education in service, hospitality and tourism management with a sports and event management specialisation from UCN is your ideal choice.

The programme will provide you with solid formal and theoretical foundations as well as practical experience to form a base that opens the door to a career in the highly competitive sports, event and leisure sector.

Furthermore, the study programme allows you to add further studies of 1.5 years' duration to your qualification to achieve a bachelor's degree in sports management.

About the study programme

Over the course of the two years of studies, we focus on two perspectives, one being personal development and the second being professional development.

We take a holistic approach to education that prioritizes development and change while preparing you for thinking and acting innovatively and creatively to get you ready for a career in the sector.

We emphasize real life education and focus on close collaboration with business professionals. We do this by arranging theme days, field trips to companies and guest lectures drawing on managers and other professionals of the sports and event sector — all as part of the common part of the study programme.

As a student of service, hospitality and tourism management specialising in sports and event management, you will achieve a degree with a solid theoretical and practical base composed of different disciplines that all contribute to the professional field of sports and event management.

We link subjects such as methodologies and research, trade knowledge, marketing, law, economics and management to the sports and event sector.

This directs the study programme towards the experience economy which the sports and event sector form a major part of. It is our goal to train you to give your contribution to the growth of these sectors and thus to the development of the experience economy.

About your future

If you want to become a future leader to make your mark on the sports, event and leisure sectors you should select for sports and event management (the service specialisation) as your specialisation.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to UCN!

Student Advisor

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Student Advisor

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