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Learn more about how to study Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management online via e-learning

Here at UCN we have developed an e-learning concept that allows you to study Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management, without having to be physically present on campus. Lectures are recorded by the online program Panopto, allowing you to view them at a later time through access to a virtual classroom in Panopto.  

The idea is to create an education with virtual contact between the lecturers, you as a student and your fellow students. In addition we offer group work online, as well as online guidance meetings with your lecturers. Examinations and tests will be conducted online. You therefore need a computer with camera, headphones and microphone, as well as a good internet connection.

You can study the Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management programme online in Danish with specialisation in tourism, hotel and restaurant or in English with specialisation in sports and event.  

Study4Player – for elite sports practitioners

UCN provides Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management with specialisation in sports and event management for elite sports practitioners in collaboration with Study4Player, an educational advisory association and part of Spillerforeningen.

The Study4Player concept offers the education with special conditions, like increased flexibility and consideration of the elite sports practitioner’s daily routine in connections to training, matches and championships.  

As a Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management graduate specialising in sports and event management, you are qualified for the top-up bachelor degree in Sport Management, which is also offered in collaboration with Study4Player.

How to do an online exam

Online exams will be done over Skype and it’s a good idea to make sure that the program, your user, webcam etc. all work as intended a couple of days before. Remember that you have to use a headset to avoid echoes.

The examiners Skype-username is their UCN e-mail and they will call you, when they are ready. To ensure that technical difficulties don’t cut into the examination time, you have to be available and waiting for the examiner’s call at least 10 minutes before the examination starts.

During the exam your computer screen will have to be shared with the examiner, so that they can see your PowerPoints and other materials. You share your screen over Skype by pressing the …/+/screen icon and choosing “share screens” during the call.

External examinations

During external examinations (a non-UCN censor is present) you have to find an invigilator, who has to sign a paper that the examination is conducted according to the rules. The invigilator has to physically attend your online examination, must be in the camera angel for the whole duration and remain impartial.

You and the invigilator have to fill out and sign a form for conducting online examinations that can be found in the flow created for the exam. The filled form has to be uploaded to the same flow in WISEflow again, at least four days before the examination period begins.


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Student Advisor

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Magdalena Atanasova Mincheva
International Consultant

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