About the programme

The Bachelor Degree programme in Software Development is of 1.5 years’ duration and covers 3 semesters

The programme consists of 6 course modules, 5 core modules and one elective module over the first two semesters.

The modules do not follow a specific order. It is up to you to decide at which time you wish to follow the individual modules.

The last and final third semester covers an internship and the final bachelor project.

Course modules on the 1st and 2nd semesters

The 1st and 2nd semester course modules are as follows:

Core modules

  • Databases for developers 
  • Design by contract
  • Test 
  • System integration 
  • Large-scale system development 

Examples of elective modules

  • Project management 
  • Security 
  • Philosophy of science

All above-mentioned modules will be assessed through an oral examination. 

Final bachelor project

You will complete your education with the preparation of your bachelor project. This project is your opportunity to prove that you are able to handle the competencies that you have learnt during your studies and that you are able to apply them to a practise-related problem and its solution.


On the Software Development programme, tuition is a combination between theoretical lectures, problem solution and small project assignments. All course material and lectures will be in English.

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