Study environment

We have a well-established and well-functioning study environment where students are in focus

This study programme is only one in many offered by the team behind UCN’s IT programmes.

The team offers:

  • An experienced lecturer team from a wide academic and practical background. 
  • A course of studies with a pedagogical focus. 
  • Lecturers, advisors and counsellors to give you academic help and support in your personal development during the course of your education. 
  • Close contact with local IT companies and Aalborg University’s study programmes under the Department of Computer Science.

Free software during your studies

The Software Development programme has an agreement with Microsoft Academic Alliance, which means that much of the software that we use on the programme is made available to you free of charge.

Read about the facilities at your campus

Read about the facilities available on campus and get acquainted with the Study Administration Office, the café, the bookshop and the library etc. You can also read about the academic and social study life across UCN.

A quick tour of the Sofiendalsvej Campus


Brian Hvarregaard
Student Advisor

+45 72 69 12 78
Magdalena Atanasova Mincheva
International Consultant

+45 72 69 13 52

Non-EU / non-EEA citizens