Elite sports and studies

Did you know that you can study at UCN while doing elite-level sports?

If you are an elite athlete and want to study at UCN, our student advisers can help you plan a flexible study programme.

Nordjysk Elitesport can help

You can also contact Nordjysk Elitesport for help. Nordjysk Elitesport is a joint initiative between UCN and Aalborg University and is designed to help elite athletes and aspiring elite athletes study.

Nordjysk Elitesport and the UCN advisers offer professional advice on specialisation, study techniques, flexibility in individual courses of study, participation in group work, rescheduling of exams, examination via Skype, how to apply for exemption, and SU (State Educational Grants and Loans Scheme - www.su.dk/english/). Nordjysk Elitesport also offers other types of support designed to help you the elite athlete in your studies and everyday life.

UCN and partners support elite athletes

Nordjysk Elitesport was established in 2008 by Aalborg University (AAU) in partnership with UCN, Elitesport Aalborg (City of Aalborg) and AaB football club. The coordinator of Nordjysk Elitesport, Rasmus N. Haagensen, has university degrees in social sciences and sport from AAU and the University of Copenhagen, respectively.

Rasmus also heads up Study4Player, an education project under the auspices of the Danish Football Players' Association, and has himself played elite-level handball, latest for AaB Håndbold.

Nordjysk Elitesport and the Danish Football Players' Association have agreed that the latter is responsible for the development of and the advice offered by Nordjysk Elitesport. Through this initiative we want to ensure that elite athletes do not have to face a choice between their sport and higher education studies. We feel that this is beneficial to individual athletes as well as society in general.

Admission to Nordjysk Elitesport requires that you are already an elite athlete or coach, or that you have the potential to reach elite level in the foreseeable future.


Rasmus Haagensen
Elite Sport Coordinator

+45 22 26 00 44