Events and benefits

As a new student you will be able to get discounts and attending various start of term events at UCN


As part of the UCN Start of term, all new students will receive a SmartStart-box. The box contains the UCN Book of benefits with a number of special deals and free access tickets that you can use to attend different events during the first couple of months here. You can go alone or go with your classmates.

You will have to wait until your first day of study to find out what the exact contents of the box are.

With the SmartStart-box, you will be ready to get started on your new study programme, in your new class and maybe even in your new city. That’s because UCN considers the importance of great student deals and offers, also when you are not spending time on your study.

We hope you will appreciate the contents of the box, and will make good use of the offers and deals we have provided for you.

Events at Sofiendalsvej

Study Start Event on the Sofiendalsvej Campus

The evening of Friday 10  February will see a study start event at the Sofiendalsvej Campus, so mark the date in your calendars!

The event is hosted by UCN and the Friday Bar at the Sofiendalsvej Campus and takes place from 19:00 - 01:00.

More information to follow. Stay tuned on Pointer (intranet) and on the Friday Bar’s Facebook page.