IT and Wi-Fi

As a student at UCN you have access to a number of learning platforms, networks, and printers. This page offers you guidance for accessing learning platforms and Wi-Fi

When you are enrolled at UCN a user is created for you in order to access the it systems. Some of our educations send out a letter containing the logon information (the username and password), while other educations hand over the information at start of term.

User account activation

No later than 14 days after the start of term you have to accept the terms and conditions for the use of UCN it-systems and internet.

You can access the terms and conditions by logging on to the website, UMS, using your UCN username and UCN password. When you are logged on, you will be asked to accept the it rules.

If you do not activate the terms and conditions within 14 days after start of term you will be logged off the it-systems at UCN until you have accepted the terms and conditions.

Click here to access UCN's UMS Self-service.


As a student at UCN you automatically gain access to a mail account in our mail-system, Outlook Webmail. You can access the mail by going to, and you can also locate a link to the mail from the UCN website front page, under "For Students". You can log on by using your UCN mail address and password.

Notice: If you change your password after accessing the main account in our mail-system, Outlook Webmail, this will automatically change the passwords in the additional UCN systems (wireless internet, Canvas).

It is your own responsibility to keep track of important information regarding your education, and therefore you should check your email regularly. Click here to access UCN Webmail.

Mobile registration

At UCN we would like to be able to provide you with important information by SMS, and therefore we recommend that you register your phone number in our UMS-Self service.

Click here to access UCN's UMS Self-service.


If you want to use wireless network you must:

  1. Connect to 'UCN Student'
  2. Enter the security key 44601000
  3. Enter your UCN username and password in a new browser window – this you might have to open yourself.

And if a dialog box pop up with the question "Do you want to register the PC on your home or work network" - you must answer NO.

Pointer - UCN's Student Information Platform

You will need a variety of information in your daily student life. And you are going to use digital self-service solutions in your education, examinations and in the context of the internship. All this you can get an overview of the inn the study portal Pointer.

You must sign in using your UCN e-mail address and password. You will find a link to Pointer at the bottom of Click here to log on to Pointer.


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